Just a Moment in Time – Priceless

Many artists agree that there is beauty in life’s candid moments.

Unposed people, just interacting, conversing and enjoying each other’s company often makes for the most interesting images.

Many years ago I learned an important lesson about capturing the beauty of the candid moment.  Look behind you, because stuff is happening there too.

I photographed this image recently at a backyard party. Everywhere you look in this image, there is something happening.  Small groups of people having conversations, laughing, some discussing more serious subjects, some are looking away, ready to move on to the next group and their next discussion.

So, even though this image is dark and grainy (shot at ISO 32000!), it caught my attention. You see, it’s not always the image with the perfect exposure and perfect pose that makes it precious, but the contect of the image itself.


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2020 Senior High Portraits – Find the Warrior Inside You

For your Senior Portraits why not go for Timeless … and Confident … and Freaking WOW!

Because you deserve memorable images of this milestone in your life that will be cherished for generations.

So, Are you ready? Because we can’t wait to meet you!
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Dan Busler is the owner and principal photographer for Dan Busler Photography which specializes in portrait, live performance, event and commercial photography from their studios in East Walpole, MA and on location.

He has photographed performances by The Boston Opera Collaborative, Longy School of Music, The Extended Play Sessions and The Boston Camerata, and events for Liberty Mutual Insurance, Franciscan Children’s and Travis Roy Foundation.

His work has been published in the Improper Bostonian, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Classical Review, ArtsImpulse, The Boston Musical Intelligencer. Classical Scene and New York Times.

Lifestyle Photography, Show the Love and Keep those Memories Safe

“A Day in the Life” photo session is just that. From the time you get up until you go to bed, your day is filled with life.

And as normal and regular you might think it is, there’s a heck of a lot going on. Then you add other people ( spouse, kids, friends, co-workers) and the stuff you do ( hang out, play, talk, laugh, cry, yell, play in the pool, read the paper … get interrupted, eat, feed the cat, take a walk, look at some flowers and show them to your kids, pick those flowers to bring home to your spouse, see their reaction, get a hug and kiss … you see where this is going, your life is awesome!)


OK, so now you’ve got all these epic “day in the life” pictures of your awesome life what are you going to do with them?

First, realize how nice these captured memories of this epic day will be to look at in a month. Then realize how great they will be to look at in a year and how precious they will be in 10 years ,,, and 30 years when your kids are Grandparents and in 60 years when you are gone. They are no longer nice, or normal or just snapshots, they are so precious that the album they’re in is put carefully in a special box.


I offer “day in the life” sessions and they are truly heartwarming and real and full of all the borning moments that will one day be precious memories.



Dan Busler is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photographer with studios located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – East Walpole MA 02032 By the Artist, for the Artist. 781-352-4863 http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

Family Portrait Sessions Can Be Formal and Full of Love … if you’re willing to let them be

When I’m preparing to photograph a family’s portrait I ask them two things “where will the prints be hung?” and “what do you want the photo to say about your family?”.

The first question is easy to answer “It will be hung in our formal sitting room, over our vintage baby grand, illuminated by color corrected museum lighting”,  or “We’re going to hang it in the family room, right above the pool table beside our other photos of the family”.

The second question is even easier to answer “We want the photo to capture the love and respect that we have for each other … but I’m not sure that I can get the family to show it”

Well, that’s two very different scenarios and will result in two very different poses and backgrounds.   And both can be epic.  If I can get everyone to let their guard down.

Personality, the true family dynamic, the bond that comes from relying on each other through thick and thin, good grades and bad, good haircuts and bad is hard to capture early on in the session.

This image is my favorite from the session with this beautiful family. It’s classic, timeless and worthy of being passed down for generations.


But it wasn’t until they all changed into black T-shirts toward the end of our session did I see them relax. They became so comfortable because they weren’t posing as much as they were a family just being family.


Now, remember, I said that the more formal image was my favorite. I’m guessing that it will also be the family’s favorite. Because there are two kinds of “timeless”. Images that capture family as art and images that capture family as “family”.

Images for the formal areas that show how beautiful the family really is and images for the family to look at and remember how much their love for each other is.

Epic images, all of them.


Dan Busler is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photographer with studios located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – East Walpole MA 02032 By the Artist, for the Artist. 781-352-4863 http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

The Annual Holiday Family Photo with a new twist

As a professional photographer there are certain times of the year;  the holiday season being one of them.

It really is that most wonderful time of the year when we bring everyone together to share the love and friendship of the holiday season and take the annual Family Portrait.

This year we see a new trend; the Family (selfie) portrait. Now everybody say CHEESE ! You guys look Fabulous !

Het, if they won’t look at me, I’ll still get the shot. HA!




Is it Procrastination or Just Good Planning ? Dan Busler Photography – Video

I’ve been planning to write this post on procrastination for some time now, but I kept putting it off. But something always caught my attention on my way to write it and I just ended up doing that other thing instead. 

I was born in mid-March, smack dab between the Ides of March and St Patrick’s Day, so I am a Pisces. They (meaning Google) say that I’m a dreamer … (but I’m not the only one),  easily distracted, live in a fantasy land, I’m totally scattered,  and I won’t face reality. Many who know me are nodding “yes” as they read this. My family loves me for who I am .. well, I think that they do anyway. And my fellow  Pisces are agreeing .. “yea, that’s me”.

Does this make us procrastinators?   Well we certainly appear that way. Maybe we’re just good planners … always sitting and thinking ( aka “daydreaming”) .. looking at it from all angles, weighing the options, summing up our findings and preparing to move forward with the best course of action ….

OK, yea, we’re procrastinators.

So this brings me to the Procrastinator Fix … lists .  If I don’t have a list, nothing gets done.  And I don’t mean a “to do list” , that’s for normal people , this has got to be a running list of all the things that I see that need to be done.

Here’s how it works – each morning  you’d write down what you want to get done that  day, number them in order of importance and then you can get out of bed. ( this is the normal part .. like a normal person would do).  Then as the Pisces mind starts to run you see a million other things that you see that have to do right that second.

Well, unless it’s pick up a sock and put it in the hamper, put all these random tasks  you’ve just thought up on the list and start as you had planned on the most important task .. the one that you marked as number one .. before you got out of bed.  Sure you can re-number your tasks to include these new tasks, but don’t just do them as you think of them. … Because you might just be .. Procrastinating. Or attention .. challenged. It’s probably a little of both.

I plan on taking my own advice, one day, if I could only stop putting it off.

Dan Busler is a professional photographer specializing on portrait, performance and event photography and camera basics instructor with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. Examples of his work can be seen at http://www.danbuslerphotography.com


Dan Busler is a professional portrait, performance and event photographer with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. You can see more of his work at http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

Adams Farm – Walpole MA – Dan Busler Photography -Video

Adams Farm is a well known area in my town just south of Boston MA where families, kids and (leashed) dogs can run,  play, hike, cross country ski and explore. It’s full of wide open fields and well laid out paths through beautiful woods.

Here’s an overview from the Adams Farm website:

“The Adams Farm property includes approximately 365 acres of town-owned land, additional acreage held in adjacent land conservation trusts, and land owned by the New England Forestry Foundation and the Norfolk County Agricultural School, for a total of over 700 acres open to the public for low-impact recreation”

There is a butterfly garden with a special section along the back fence devoted to milkweed to provide a habitat for monarch butterflies. Although I was there in March 2016 .. so everything was kind of brown 

But soon the grass will sprout and the birds will be singing and the butterflies will be .. doing what they do.

If you want a peaceful place – this is it.



Families walk the fields and paths at Adams Farm


The paths into the woods are clearly marked and so peaceful


The bench at the far side of the field


The plaque on the bench


The view from the bench


The signs are right to the point – if the dog poops .. you have to clean it up ! HA!

Dan Busler is a professional portrait, performance and event photographer with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. You can see more of his work at http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

“ I do ” – A Photographer’s Guide to Photographing the Wedding Proposal

“ His heart jumps in to his throat – The whole world stops as he drops to one knee and looks up into the eyes of his beautiful bride-to-be”

The proposal

The proposal

Photographing a wedding proposal is one of the coolest things a photographer can do. The tension, the mystery, the “cloak and dagger” … and then there’s the profuse sweating by the guy/girl who’s doing the proposing !

So, the first thing I do after I’m asked is acknowledge how cool they are for asking me . HA! Then immediately calm their nerves and let them know that I’m the expert in capturing this moment which can never be repeated so that they can have it forever. And all they need to worry about is “Putting a Ring on it” and not throwing up all over their soon to be fiance of course.

The Chase - before the proposal

The Chase – following them before the proposal

So, what goes into photographing a wedding proposal ?  Preparation – that’s what

Being Prepared for all the Scenarios … and there are a million of them !

You’re going to draw a crowd if you’re hiding in the bushes … or you might start a parade behind you if you’re following the couple and taking pictures . Yes, it’s happened just about every time that I’ve photographed a proposal. So I’ve got to be prepared to quietly and politely tell my followers to “go away”

What if some knuckle head yells “Hey … is he gonna propose?? “ (before he’s ready to .. propose)   They’re in public … so anything can happen. I remind the future groom that if this happens that he can still drop to one knee and get cracking with the proposal just as if the “knuckle head outburst” was a part of his plan. It will be a good story for the groom’s wedding day toast anyway.

He wants to propose during a romantic dinner in a crowded restaurant.  Logistics and planning are king here. You’ll need a clear line of sight to the couple of course. No waiters walking in front of you. No guests from other tables standing in front of you to applaud. No one running up to you and grabbing your camera saying “you can’t photograph in here!!” So they have to make sure that their table is reserved well in advance. And figure out (clear it with the management) where you’re going to be. Hiding in a closet? Sitting at the bar? Sitting at an adjacent table? Simple details maybe, but like I said – Logistics ! So you’ll want to arrive at the venue early, speak with the restaurant manager and make sure that everything is in place, including you.

He wants to propose at a family gathering – It’s not so much logistics in this case as it is keeping the family members from standing in front of you with their “big fancy cameras” . One way is to not tell anyone that the proposal is going to happen. Because I can promise you that if everyone knows that someone’s not going to be able to keep the secret and the bride will find out. And by the way – why are you there at their family cookout anyway ? Are you a long lost cousin ? One of the waitstaff ? Are you serving drinks? I suggest that you have a good cover story and bring someone you know with you so that you can interact with them until “the moment of proposal”

OK – He’s proposed and she’s accepted – how long do you wait to go up to the couple ? If they’re alone on the street or in a restaurant you should usually keep photographing until the groom-to-be calls you over. This could be a long time as the couple shares some private time … or it could be right away . At this point it’s an Engagement session with lots of kissing, walking through the park and ring shots. Happy day ! If it’s at a family gathering then treat it like a party and photograph all the well wishers and the crazy party which will certainly break out.

The Chase - before the proposal

The Chase – following the couple with your parade behind you before the proposal

Reasons you may want to have a written agreement and payment in advance: – some of these may make you smile … but once again – you’re preparing for all outcomes

The most obvious reason is so that all the details are documented and so that the groom-to-be doesn’t need to worry about paying you that day.

And then there’s the other reasons:

What if she doesn’t accept his proposal ? Not your fault and you deserve to be paid in full. But what do you do after she turns him down? Typically you need to keep photographing from a distance as they talk – you see it’s easier to delete the photos that you take and that they may never want to see than it is to create the photos that you didn’t take and they will wonder why you didn’t . There is a chance that she will still accept the proposal after a few minutes. No matter what – you do not just walk away without trying to speak with the groom-to-be. Even if it is just to quickly say good-bye.

The groom decides not to propose that day – Not your fault and you deserve to be paid in full. But you can certainly offer to reschedule for a day that you are free,

The groom couldn’t contain himself and proposes before the agreed upon place and time – If it’s still logistically possible – you can meet them and just have a nice engagement session.

Photographing a proposal session requires that you are part sleuth and part photographer. But mostly you need to be prepared. Assure the groom-to-be that you’ll be there and all he needs to do … is propose !

Now, who wants to come along on my next undercover operation?

Here’s a look at the proposal as it unfolded 

The Chase - before the proposal

The Chase – Following, ducking in doorways, creating a parade behind me , before the proposal

The proposal

The proposal

The proposal

The proposal

The proposal

The proposal

The proposal

The proposal

A bit of laughter after the proposal - he's still holding the ring

A bit of laughter after the proposal – he’s still holding the ring

She accepts ! The proposal

She accepts ! The proposal – he’s still holding the ring

She accepts ! The proposal

She accepts ! The proposal and he’s still holding the ring !

The ring is on her finger - after the proposal

Finally the ring is on her finger

Now it’s time to let let them know that you’ve been there and ‘let’s have that engagement session”  – that is if you can get their attention !


The engagement session - after the proposal

The engagement session – after the proposal

The engagement session - after the proposal

The engagement session – after the proposal

Fernando Morales Norwood High Graduate

“Rest in sweet peace Fern, and begin your journey as your family’s guardian angel, we’ll take care of keeping your legacy alive down here” #cancersucks

These are some comments from Fernando Morales’ friends the day he died. 

Fernando Morales was a 2013 graduate of Norwood High School in Norwood MA. 

I had the great pleasure of photographing his senior high school portraits in the summer of 2012. And I am truly honored that the family chose one of the images for the program at his funeral

He lived his life focused on helping others and inspired everyone he touched. 

I remember Fernando’s senior session very well. His cancer had been in remission, but had come back and he was weak. I kept thinking that we should make the session as easy as possible for him. But he wanted to go to all the usual spots around my studio’s outdoor locations.

He was a very serious person and had a beautiful smile. I thought as we were shooting his pictures “this is such a solid person” – confident, strong, proud and un-shakeable.  

This slideshow includes some photos of Fernando from his senior portrait session and comments from his family and friends which were posted to his Facebook and Instagram pages the day he died; January 16, 2015, and for a few days after as well.


Boston Pumpkin Patch Family Pictures by Walpole Family Photographer, Dan Busler {Epiphany Parish Walpole MA}

Pumpkin Patch family pictures can be so much fun to shoot.  It’s the holiday season … well the beginning of the holiday season any way … “only XX shopping days until Christmas ! ” 

I had to shoot a few extra frames of this little pumpkin top kid, only three months old and already breaking hearts … 

You can see lots more of my work with children and families at  www.danbuslerphotography.com  781-352-4863