Norwood Memorial Day 2013 Photography by Walpole Memorial Day Photpgrapher, Dan Busler

Memorial Day is one of those days when our celebrations are still true to the reason the day was created. 
Oh I do admit that I think of burgers on the grill and the beginning of the Summer when Memorial Day comes around, but in the end the essence of the holiday is still pure.
Norwood MA, like many towns, has a parade and a town gathering at the cemetery where we remember those who are serving and who have given their lives for our country. 
For me, Memorial Day is a grounding experience. It brings me back and reminds me that the daily rush is secondary to family, friends and country.


Caitlin and Joe – Tie the Knot – Take the Plunge – Make it Real – Busler

I’ve known Caitin for a few years and when she asked me to photograph her wedding – I was thrilled.
She is such a classy person, I knew that Joe would be too and I was right.
 The value of marriage hasn’t changed. It’s an expression of commitment. Not only to each other, but to your friends and family. Think about it, here you have two people that get engaged … then go through months or years of preparation for their Wedding Day and they still go through with it! All that stress – all those questions and suggestions and stress. 
But when you know it’s right, when you know that this person is right, that you will support each other and comfort each other – that you will be the ” strong one” – non-judgemental,
It’s actually an amazing day, but it’s not a magical day, the magic was there all along, this is the day of celebration.

I was recently told that I am a couple’s “Photographer for life”. Until today I didn’t realize what that meant – It’s not a job, it’s a responsibility – an honor and a mission to be there to capture their life.
Pretty neat!

The Knot – The Wedding Channel – Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Congratulations ! You’re Engaged and You’re Getting Married!  That’s Fantastic!

And when you think of the best Wedding publication and WEB site … you think of The Knot and the Wedding Channel .

And so now – I am there too!  Please click on this link to see my listing.

“The Time is Perfect … You’re so in Love … so excited  … so absolutely ready to be married …  I’ll take the time to focus on you and create images of your love and your Wedding Day that will last for generations”

Event Photographer – Busler – Norwood MA

Shooting a corporate event can be a big crap shoot; what kind of lighting will I have to work with? What do they expect ? … will the people want to be photographed? Will they smile?

Well I just treat everyone like a rock star … and that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and that works!

I recently shot a corporate meeting of a vendor and their customers. Lots of people talking to each other, speakers at the podium, executives … customers … sales people etc.

As you can see from the images and video/slideshow, the lighting was ALL OVER THE PLACE ! So I’m dealing high ceilings, people that won’t look at me or look annoyed that I am taking their picture … HA! But that’s my job … I am an event photographer.

Well, at least that day I was.

Click on this link to see a video of the day
HOW 2010 – Dell Services