Norwood Musical Group Photography by Walpole Family Photographer, Dan Busler {Rancho de Norwood}

Rancho De Norwood is a group of Portuguese musicians and dancers who carry on the traditions of their ancestors. 

The group ranges from very young to older folks. 

I was so stoked to have the opportunity to photograph the group We met at the famous “stone structure” at Bird Park in Walpole MA. 

The mood was festive and fun.  What you don’t see is the absolute party that was happening behind me as I photographed each group. There was music and dancing and laughing !

I was also impressed at how well the children behaved. Each time a group was called they came right up. 

Even the musicians behaved themselves … even though they do like they are a mischievous bunch .. HA!  

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Norwood Senior Portrait Photography by Walpole Senior High Photographer, Dan Busler {Sai Nedu}

Sai is such an interesting guy. He, his Brother and his Parents came to the states from India. And like a number of seniors that I’ve met who came here from other countries, Sai has no accent.  

It was such a great day for his senior session, the cool Fall air here in New England was blowing, the leaves were colorful and the time just flew by. 

We even got a few shot of Sai’s family – and that made this even better! 

Mary-Ashley and Michael – The Engagement Session – Busler

Getting engaged is certainly one of the most important milestones in one’s life. In the span of one question and one answer someone accepts you to be their partner for life …

I had the honor to be with Mary-Ashley and Michael for a few hours on a rainy October day as they celebrated their engagement.

The images in this video speak for themselves … I was just there to capture it all. It was a beautiful rainy day and love was in the air.

Girlfriends – Four Years Later

Four years ago I had the chance to photograph four girls who had recently graduated from high school.

They were “girlfriends” and they were all quite different. I don’t claim to understand people, I just capture their souls, OK, I just take their pictures… but magic happens when you look back and see how things have changed.

Especially those years right after high school when a person’s world explodes with new ideas – new places – and people.

I’d love to shoot the Girlfriends again, but that moment has passed

GirlFriends 2005

It was the summer of 2005. My Daughter and her three girlfriends had recently graduated from high school and were off to four different colleges.

My Daughter asked me to photograph the girls and I knew that it would be an opportunity never to come again. I could see that this was a slice of time captured and that no one could predict their futures.

It’s now almost four years later and the girls will be graduating from college this year. I’d love to take this picture of them now, but that won’t happen.

People lose touch. Horizons call us and we follow.

This is why I am a photographer. I want to remind people.

The Old Triangles

Sometimes you just have to get out and shoot some shapes … don’t ya think?

I was up one morning with the roosters and went looking for something to shoot …with my camera that is.

The sun was just coming up and I noticed how it was shinning through an wooden structure and making these neat shapes on the ground.

Now I just have to find someone who wants to buy these images ….