Just a Moment in Time – Priceless

Many artists agree that there is beauty in life’s candid moments.

Unposed people, just interacting, conversing and enjoying each other’s company often makes for the most interesting images.

Many years ago I learned an important lesson about capturing the beauty of the candid moment.  Look behind you, because stuff is happening there too.

I photographed this image recently at a backyard party. Everywhere you look in this image, there is something happening.  Small groups of people having conversations, laughing, some discussing more serious subjects, some are looking away, ready to move on to the next group and their next discussion.

So, even though this image is dark and grainy (shot at ISO 32000!), it caught my attention. You see, it’s not always the image with the perfect exposure and perfect pose that makes it precious, but the contect of the image itself.


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Boston MA Food Photography by Walpole MA Food Photographers, Dan Busler and Brian Hourihan {Beer and Oranges)

So, where do you start when photographing beer? 

Well, you start with some food styling skills (which is not as easy as you might think!) – for that I turned to the master – Brian Hourihan who styles and photographs strawberries, and vegetables and … beer – and he does it for a living.   

To his stylin’ skills I added lights .. and cameras and Action ! 

Move the glass a little … add the liquid to just the right level and take another shot. 

As you can see – Brian’s styling skills are the “real deal” ! It was a real joy to watch him work. 

I know that this next shot is crooked … I think that we were tasting the “subject” by this point … HA!! 

And since I specialize in headshots … well, I had to do my thang! 

Brian on the other side of the camera …