Is it Procrastination or Just Good Planning ? Dan Busler Photography – Video

I’ve been planning to write this post on procrastination for some time now, but I kept putting it off. But something always caught my attention on my way to write it and I just ended up doing that other thing instead. 

I was born in mid-March, smack dab between the Ides of March and St Patrick’s Day, so I am a Pisces. They (meaning Google) say that I’m a dreamer … (but I’m not the only one),  easily distracted, live in a fantasy land, I’m totally scattered,  and I won’t face reality. Many who know me are nodding “yes” as they read this. My family loves me for who I am .. well, I think that they do anyway. And my fellow  Pisces are agreeing .. “yea, that’s me”.

Does this make us procrastinators?   Well we certainly appear that way. Maybe we’re just good planners … always sitting and thinking ( aka “daydreaming”) .. looking at it from all angles, weighing the options, summing up our findings and preparing to move forward with the best course of action ….

OK, yea, we’re procrastinators.

So this brings me to the Procrastinator Fix … lists .  If I don’t have a list, nothing gets done.  And I don’t mean a “to do list” , that’s for normal people , this has got to be a running list of all the things that I see that need to be done.

Here’s how it works – each morning  you’d write down what you want to get done that  day, number them in order of importance and then you can get out of bed. ( this is the normal part .. like a normal person would do).  Then as the Pisces mind starts to run you see a million other things that you see that have to do right that second.

Well, unless it’s pick up a sock and put it in the hamper, put all these random tasks  you’ve just thought up on the list and start as you had planned on the most important task .. the one that you marked as number one .. before you got out of bed.  Sure you can re-number your tasks to include these new tasks, but don’t just do them as you think of them. … Because you might just be .. Procrastinating. Or attention .. challenged. It’s probably a little of both.

I plan on taking my own advice, one day, if I could only stop putting it off.

Dan Busler is a professional photographer specializing on portrait, performance and event photography and camera basics instructor with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. Examples of his work can be seen at


Dan Busler is a professional portrait, performance and event photographer with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. You can see more of his work at

Walpole High School Senior Photography by Walpole Senior Photographer, Dan Busler – Ally Russo 2013 Senior

Ally is a defenseman on her high school ice hockey team and runs cross country.

Medfield High School Senior Photography by Medfield Senior Photographer, Dan Busler – Cam Small 2013 Senior

Cam is focused on a number of things, but I think that music is one of the top.


The Dress Rehearsal – West Side Story – Norwood High School {Performance}

Norwood High School in Norwood MA is presenting West Side Story as their Fall production for 2012.
This is kind of a daring proposition seeing that the show is so often produced. But what I seen so far is that the production is going to be great.
I’ve been photographing the Fall show in Norwood for over 10 years – typically I photograph a rehearsal in July – when the show is still very rough, then in August and you see a big difference and finally the dress rehearsal in September a week before opening night.
 The auditions for the Fall productions are held in May – even before the last school year has ended. Then beginning immediately after school breaks for the summer the students begin rehearsals. They rehearse all summer – fitting in their family vacations – working their summer jobs – but rehearsing almost every weekday as they are able.
The dedication of the student actors, set designers, costumers and directors is evident in the fine productions produced each year. Productions that are not to be missed.

 Here’s a look at the dress rehearsal – from cast warm ups to the dancing, costumes and timeless love story.

Boston Wedding Photography by Walpole Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler – The Promise – Renewed {Wedding}

The Wedding day is a blur of emotions – love and laughter, friends and relatives. I know that is why having a photographer capture the day is so important.

But what about years later when you’ve had children, your lives are filled with soccer practice and “never enough time ” – do you still remember your wedding day?

Recently Rich and Kerri celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary – {and this was after a ten year courtship} by renewing their wedding vows.  

We met on a secluded beach … well, a secluded beach that was also popular with about a hundred other families .. HA! 

They invited both sets of Parents to join them and their two children in this wonderful day. Rich’s Father is a Justice of the Peace, so he officiated – which was just perfect.

But even though this was a “Wedding celebration” it was totally focused on family. It was as if their marriage was really just the first page of a life together and that their Parents and children were a part of. 

During the ceremony their Parents were close to them and their children “cuddled in” and it was just beautiful. 

Please don’t let the “day after day” steal it all – look in your heart for sleeping there – you’ll find your love – so young and fair.

Norwood Boston Headshot Photography by Norwood Boston Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler – Amanda Hurley – Actress {Headshot}

I don’t believe that I had seen Amanda in almost ten years. I knew that she had graduated from high school and headed off to college, but that was about it. 

So I was so happy when she contacted me for headshots. 

Headshots can be generic [ basic close up – white or grey background – smile!] or a bit more expressive and shot outside or against a brick wall. 

I do both for just about everyone – then they have some variety when the casting director pops the question ” Do you have any other shots … maybe a bit more urban – colorful – rough – dressy …” and that list is infinite! 

Amanda has an expressive face – a nice smile and a casual way of standing that is perfect so many roles. So we played on all of the options – some generic – some casual – some “I’ll kick your butt if you mess with me” – and all of them rocked!

Senior Sessions – A Milestone {Senior Portrait}

There are songs and stories and sonnets about why we do things in life – what drives us. 

To be candid, compliments are rarely the reason. I think that teachers will tell you that seeing a former student become successful is a huge reward and it validates the passion they have for teaching.

For me – photography is my passion. I know that I shoot more looks than the seniors expect because I want to capture who they are and what they will become. – Confident, strong, flirty and funny. 

Senior sessions capture a milestone in one’s life. Too often Parents and their Seniors see it as just another portrait session – when in reality it is a celebration of the journeys they have been on and the one they are still living. 

In the blink of an eye, these Seniors will have children of their own and their lives will be dedicated to guiding their journeys. They will look back at this time – [senior year, dating, school work, school activities, graduation, leaving for college, etc] – and try to remember. 

It’s a blur for them right now and the images from their senior session look just like “pictures” that were taken on that day – but one day, when things slow down a bit …. maybe they’ll be on the train, commuting to work or watching their child sleep in their crib and the images will be like gold.

Jared – 2013 Senior – Walpole High School

Jared will be a senior at Walpole High School in Walpole MA fall and after years of playing football – Jared will be the school’s quarterback.  


So I thought for sure that football defined who he was.  I suggested that we do the shot – with his gear, holding a football with that “I’m gonna kick your a**” look in his eyes.

But I was actually pleasantly surprised when he told me that football is his passion … well one of them, but that it did not define his life.

Jared will be going to nursing school after he graduates. He knows that there is a need for him to help others. He has his eye on traveling to third world countries and using his medical skills to save lives.

Jared is a leader both on and off the football field. 

And as for that “I’m gonna kick your a**” pose?  Well you know I’m going to get that shot, even if Jared isn’t in his gear!