Norwood Family Event Photography by Walpole Family Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Christine and Rich Yodsukar Weddings and Receptions}

Two weddings, a winery visit and three wedding receptions – that’s the way you do it when you’re my Daughter.

And that’s the way it should be. 

May 2013 we all headed out to Los Angeles . 

First there was the traditional Thai wedding at the Wat Thai temple in Los Angeles 

Then the reception with lots of traditional Thai food and lots of family 

The next day we headed to Malibu for a winery visit and some tasting at at Saddle Rock Ranch. What a nice relaxing day with family and friends 

The next day; Sunday we were off again to Malibu for my Daughter’s “western” ( no not country and western … HA!) wedding day. On top of a mountain … overlooking a winery. Yea, it was majestic to say the least!

Now fast forward to December … My Daughter … Christine and my Son-In-Law Rich, came home for a special reception at Sky Restaurant in Norwood MA. Finally the subject of this post .. you are thinking! And you’re right!

Family and family friends all came out for the east coast celebration of my Daughter’s wedding.

Letting go of my fav redhead is not easy .. but I’m working on it.

Two weddings, a winery visit and three wedding receptions.   That’s the way you do it !

One Fund Boston Photography by Walpole Photographer, Dan Busler, A Photothon

The tragedy of the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon left all of us in Boston at a loss. The six degrees of separation were shattered as we spoke to friends and neighbors only to find that every family was touched in some way. Either by knowing someone who was injured or killed or who was involved with the capture of the bombers.

I was totally lost as to how would I help? My Daughter came up with the idea of a PhotoThon – an event where we would photograph people in Boston team sports gear or clothing for a donation and then all the money would go directly to the One Fund Boston ( this is the fund that was set up immediately after the marathon by Boston’s Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick). My Daughter and her husband (who are professional photographers based in Beverly Hills, CA) would hold an event there and I would hold mine here in Boston on the same day.

It happened! and was a huge success. 

Here are a few of the images from the Boston event. 


New York City – The Day After Christmas 2011 {Road Trip}

My Daughter and her Fiance were home (from Los Angeles) for Christmas a few months ago. And for a special trip we went down from Boston to NYC for the day – the day after Christmas.


New York City (with all the lights, and decorations and incredible crowds) is such a special and crazy place at Christmas time. 

We got down to the city early in the day with the hope of lunch in Times Square, then pastries at Macy’s, coffee at Starbucks, go to the camera stores, maybe see some TV or movie stars just hanging out and then the lights as the city came a live after dark.  It is a “food focus” I know … HA!

The crowds were beyond belief. No, seriously,  we went into one door of Macy’s and were literally pushed through the store.  Gotta love it! So no pastries – crap! 

I do admit that if you can handle it, it must be just incredible to live in downtown New York City.  


Maybe one day.  Hey, you never know.

 We did make a number of stops to look at shoes. After all, my Daughter was with us.