Nephrok and The Motown Masterpiece Orchestra at The Extended Play Sessions Holiday Extravaganza 12-21-19

Nephrok and The Motown Masterpiece Orchestra which includes Nephtaliem McCrary, Sarah Seminski, Peter MacLean, Daniel Day, Dan Kenney, Eric Vincent, Scott Aruda, and Pat Loomis brought some sweet soul Christmas music to The Extended Play Sessions – Fallout Shelter Holiday Extravaganza on December 21, 2019.

The audience was on its feet and the house was definitely rocking as the “NefSanta” Allstars came a-knocking.

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The Annual Holiday Family Photo with a new twist

As a professional photographer there are certain times of the year;  the holiday season being one of them.

It really is that most wonderful time of the year when we bring everyone together to share the love and friendship of the holiday season and take the annual Family Portrait.

This year we see a new trend; the Family (selfie) portrait. Now everybody say CHEESE ! You guys look Fabulous !

Het, if they won’t look at me, I’ll still get the shot. HA!




That’s Just Poppycock – The Tradition

A few times a year I write about my life and not one of my client’s photo sessions. Today’s one of those times. 

It’s the day after Christmas 2014 and to honest, I’m very nostalgic … you might be too as you read this. As much as I (we, you) may try to suppress  the past it comes rushing back during holidays. 

Parents and Grandparents who are no longer with us, children who have grown and are now on their own, friends who we’ve lost touch with. 

For me, one of the best memories of Christmas past was the box of Queen Anne Artificially Flavored Cordial Cherries that I carefully wrapped and proudly handed to my Step-Father each Christmas morning until the last year of his life. 

Christmas music would be playing on the stereo, the smell of coffee and sticky buns and the sound of ripping wrapping paper filled the air. 

The last or nearly the last present was mine for him.  It was under the tree but I wanted to give it to him. He’d take the box, this box which was the exact size and made the same sound when he shook it each year and he carefully open it … and smile this huge smile and look up at me and say how much he loved them. 

By this point in the year we were all so jacked up on sugar from the cookies and cakes and soda that he wouldn’t touch those cherries for about a week. But one night as we watched a TV show together he would open them and we’d each have one. Those things were so sweet that I just wondered why he liked them so much.

This brings us to today .. well actually a tradition which started about 10 years ago and the Poppycock

Poppycock is an wonderful mix of popcorn and nuts and it is so sweet … it is also the gift that I get each Christmas. Some years my Daughter gives it to me and others my Son does it. 

I realized this year, that it’s the tradition that matters more than the product. It keeps us grounded and in the moment .. that moment when it was yesterday.

I wonder how many of you share in this tradition ? I know that it sounds trite. 

But I also know that I am so looking forward to next Christmas and that same sized package that makes that same sound when I shake it. 

Norwood Choir Performance Photography by Walpole Musical Performance Photographer, Dan Busler {Norwood Alumni Choir}

The Norwood Alumni Choir held their annual Christmas Concert on December 23, 2012 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood MA.

The choir is made up of almost fifty former students at Norwood High School and this year was directed by Daniel Mahoney, a 2007 graduate.

These events remind us of the important things and I’m already looking forward to next year!

A highlight of the evening was when former choir director; now Director of Fine Arts, Cathy Connor-Moen joined the choir to direct a number.


Norwood Church Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler, Emmanuel Lutheran 2012 Christmas Pageant

A Christmas Pageant has the ability to bring us back to reality. Once again we see the simple joys of family, friends and childhood. The pageant is after all just a slice of time – it must be cherished and held in our hearts – so that when we need to remember what’s most important to us it will be there.

Here are some images from the 2012 Christmas Pageant at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood MA


Here is a short video from the day … OK,  it’s about 4 minutes long

New York City – The Day After Christmas 2011 {Road Trip}

My Daughter and her Fiance were home (from Los Angeles) for Christmas a few months ago. And for a special trip we went down from Boston to NYC for the day – the day after Christmas.


New York City (with all the lights, and decorations and incredible crowds) is such a special and crazy place at Christmas time. 

We got down to the city early in the day with the hope of lunch in Times Square, then pastries at Macy’s, coffee at Starbucks, go to the camera stores, maybe see some TV or movie stars just hanging out and then the lights as the city came a live after dark.  It is a “food focus” I know … HA!

The crowds were beyond belief. No, seriously,  we went into one door of Macy’s and were literally pushed through the store.  Gotta love it! So no pastries – crap! 

I do admit that if you can handle it, it must be just incredible to live in downtown New York City.  


Maybe one day.  Hey, you never know.

 We did make a number of stops to look at shoes. After all, my Daughter was with us.


Christmas 2010 – Take the time to Smile – Dan Busler

For me – I feel that there is no holiday more tied to “family” than Christmas.  I know it’s a religious holiday – and the one that my family celebrates - so for you it might be another holiday that means “family”. But for me … it’s Christmas.
Christmas is the one time of the year when people give themselves “a hall pass” … a waiver … to stop the rat race and look at the lights on the tree. Listen to to holiday music and take the time to smile at each other.
Since my children are now grown and have fantastic careers I now put up a fake Christmas tree. It’s kind of thin and crooked .  But it holds a lifetime of memories of early Christmas morning … wrapping paper flying in the air as presents are opened, screams of joy as the kids get the present they asked for and hugs.  It is a good day.  
I am writing this as the spring season is just around the corner (it had better be!) . it’s kind of sad for me to look at these images and know that the little tree and ornaments are packed away until next year. And I’m afraid so is the “hall pass” to stop and smile.