Happy Birthday Christine – 2011

February 17, 2011 is my Daughter Christine’s Birthday

So I’m taking the liberty to post my video tribute to my Fav Girl, my little Sk8rGurl

Christine’s an ice hockey player, actress, redhead , comedian, “copper top” , friend, life saver, photographer, … Daughter

The video is just a glimpse.

Happy Birthday Christine!


MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Everyone knows that MIT is a “buttoned down” think tank for nerds … right? Well I beg to differ with that notion. The MIT Resonance a Capella group proves it… the kids from MIT can sing and dance ! Here’s a look at the group when they performed as one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s A Capella Night.

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

The Amherst Bluestockings

The girls from Amherst College aka The Bluestockings were one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s “A Cappella Night” about a week ago. It’s seems that I am always in the dark at these events … trying to get the shot, waiting for their nose to come out from behind the microphone … with just a second I try to capture a smile, etc.
Sometime I succeed.

The Amherst Bluestockings

Nicole – Smiles, but those eyes are "Killer"

Nicole is graduating from college with a degree in theater, so of course she called on her favorite photographer for her headshots.

She was a blast to work with, a great smile, natural poses and eyes that could cut you in half. So I was very nice … HA! Nicole, you rock!

GirlFriends 2005

It was the summer of 2005. My Daughter and her three girlfriends had recently graduated from high school and were off to four different colleges.

My Daughter asked me to photograph the girls and I knew that it would be an opportunity never to come again. I could see that this was a slice of time captured and that no one could predict their futures.

It’s now almost four years later and the girls will be graduating from college this year. I’d love to take this picture of them now, but that won’t happen.

People lose touch. Horizons call us and we follow.

This is why I am a photographer. I want to remind people.