Choosing The Right Headshot for the Part

Leanne just landed a role in a new play and so she needed some new headshots for the lobby gallery at the theater.

Lobby gallery headshots aren’t “character” images such as those that might be used in promotion of the show, they are personality images that reflect the tone of the play. A comedic part in a play might call for a different headshot than a melodramatic/dark part. We still want to prepare the audience with a headshot that reflects a tone of the production they are about to see.

A big “cheesy grin” headshot for the actor who is portraying Javert in Les Misérables is a contradiction and will totally confuse the audience as they wait to enter the theater for an epic, depressing production.


Now back to Leanne, as you can see, she has tons of personality in her headshots. And with just a small change in her hairstyle and a bit of tilt of her head she has a completely different look. Both are welcoming, feminine and friendly … it’s a comedy! Nailed it!


What a pleasure it was for me to work with Leanne to create some great images for her latest production.

And when she gets the call for Les Misérables, we’ll rock some darker looks. I accept the challenge!

Walpole Theatrical Performance Photography by Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Boeing Boeing Walpole Footlighters}

I think that “madcap” is a good word to explain the Walpole Footlighters production of Boeing Boeing, a play about a guy and another guy who comes to visit him in Paris, and the three stewardess’ who are all engaged to the one guy and a maid who tries to coordinate it all … and   …. it’s a crazy mixed up comedy 

The audience had a ball as the story unfolded and took flight . 

I on the other hand got to photograph it … and that was tough because I was laughing …! 

Walpole Theatrical Photography by Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler, Seussical at Walpole High

A bit unusual, and totally Who-iscal, Yes, it’s Seussical the Musical at Walpole High School in Walpole MA


Grease – Walpole High School – Walpole MA {Performance}

I love shooting high school shows. They’re fun for both the actors and the audience.  It’s kind of like a big “group hug”.

Walpole High School – in Walpole MA recently did Grease – The Musical. All the Greasers and Pink Ladies were there at Rydell High for a journey back to a time when you could get wicked “greased back” and kick some serious boooo-tay! Although I don’t think that the word ” boooo-tay” came along for a few years.

I got the chance to realize that even those sweet Pink Ladies were tough … so you had better be careful what you say or you’ll be eating all your meals through a straw … Hey … I’m talkin’ at “chew” knucklehead ? Got it! HA! 

Everyone was either a nerd, a jock or a greaser . Oh yea, these were good times … good times!

It’s All About the Music … Man! Norwood High School – Dan Busler

Yes,  it’s all about a sleepy little town, a con man, some groovy musical numbers and Shipoopi  … lots and lots of Shipoopi  when Norwood High School in Norwood, MA presents … or “presented”  The Music Man!

And of course there are people making faces, dancing around like fools, dancing the “Shipoopi” and in the end the musician gets the girl …. which is the way it should be.

Today,  when you’re walking down the street or standing in the elevator or in a business meeting with your boss … Stand UP and yell “SHIPOOPI”  and then sit down.  You’ll either get fired or get a vacation.

The show opens ( or did open ) on September 16, 2011.  Wicked talented actors – here’s a fusion video from the rehearsals.

The Real Inspector Hound – Norwood High School – Dan Busler Photography

It all starts with an empty stage .
The year, Norwood High School in Norwood MA is doing the Tom Stoppard play ” The Real Inspector Hound” for their entry in to the high school drama festival. And that means that it all starts with an empty stage. Then they have five … oh yea, five minutes to bring the whole set on stage and set it up. 
The play must fit into 45 minutes … exactly
 Then they have five … oh yea again, five minutes to break down and remove the set from the stage.
Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The play is great, it runs for 45 minutes… ish, and they can bring the set on stage in five minutes!

It’s very funny and the actors are so talented.

It’s a howling Who Done It ?

The B Girls – Spelling Bee – Walpole Footlighters – Busler

These headshots are of three of the cast members of the Walpole Footlighters – Walpole, MA production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
I really love doing headshots .. I must admit. I think it has to do with focusing on the actor’s eyes. 
 After all, there is so much life in a person’s eyes .. it could the saddness, or the laughter, the experience or maybe something else, but I do know that the eys don’t lie.