Anna and Joe – Their Engagement Session – Boston MA – Dan Busler

We walked Boston’s beautiful Public Gardens and historic Beacon Hill for Anna and Joe’s Engagement session- it was a great day to capture images of their love

Daniel Mahoney – Hand him the baton and a guitar – Busler

Where do you look to find your dreams ?  And when you get there how do you know that you’ve arrived?
WOW!  I am way to serious today!  HA!

I first met Daniel when he was cast as one of the leads in Norwood High School’s production of Evita.
I later learned that he actually considered himself more a guitarist than an actor. 
Well, move a head to the present and Daniel is just about to graduate from college and is planning to be a high school music teacher.  He asked me to do a portrait session for his professional resume. It was a blast!
 This last image was for his Mom … you gotta love those “I love ya Mom ” poses!  

The Dons at Bad Abbotts with Mike Macchi

I’ve been photographing The Dons; a rock band from Boston, MA for a number of years. Originally the line-up included Mike and Matt Macchi and two of their friends , but Mike left the band about a year ago and moved to California. Matt took that opportunity to start fresh with new members .

One night recently the Dons welcomed Mike Macchi back on stage for a performance at Bad Abbotts in Quincy MA. This was a place very familiar to The Dons, seeing that they still play there about once a month.

I think that the Dons audience miss Mike Macchi. Mike is a performer that has a mutual love affair with his fans. The best performers do in my opinion.

There was no introduction that Mike was on stage … the band just launched in their first song and we all sat back … well I went into action … shooting images of Mike and the band.

I knew that I wanted to capture this night. I knew that it was going to be special. And the funny thing was that it didn’t feel special, it just seemed great.

Here is a link to a slideshow/video of images from the night. Now you can sit back and enjoy.

The Dons at Bad Abbotts with Mike Macchi

The Baptism of Jarel

I had the opportunity to photograph Jarel’s baptism as a way to spend some time with my Daughter, who is good friends with Jarel’s parents.
They were so proud of Jarel, little Jarel who had no idea what the fuss was about. But one day he could look back and see how much his parents cared about him.
Sometimes I wonder about fate. My fate that is. What leads us to the places we find ourselves and then find that the gifts we have to offer can help another?
What a happy day it was. Click on the link below to see a video of that day.

Jarel James Barrows Baptism

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA – Images from their 2010 Fashion Show – The girls invited the boys from area schools to escort them and the boys were happy to show up! Shot by Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Macbeth – Norwood High – Busler shoots them all

Norwood High School – Norwood MA Presents – Macbeth – the great Shakespearean tragedy. With all of the costumes, the language, the dramatic gestures, the frowns and fighting and well … it’s freaking Shakespeare… you know?

Images from a Holiday Party – Busler shoots from the sidelines

The “Holiday Party” … it’s always a fun event to photograph. Everyone is interacting, sharing stories … “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses ‘ … sweet!