Malibu / Los Angeles Wedding Photography By Walpole MA Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler {Rich & Christine Yodsukar}

Two Weddings and a Winery Visit – The Wedding of my Daughter

For those of you Dads out there who have a Daughter, maybe they are still young, maybe they are already grown, they often get married.   And I guess that for some of you, you’re prepared for that day … oh I don’t mean financially – I mean emotionally.

When I found out that my Daughter had her first serious boyfriend, my first thought was … “he wasn’t good enough” – actually – I thought “I’m losing her” !

But when I saw that she was happy, I was just a bit less sad. 

After college my Daughter moved to LA where she met her boyfriend, then Fiance … now husband. … you know, another guy who is not good enough for her ( HA!). 

I was never prepared for my Daughter’s wedding day (as a wedding photographer myself I tell my couples “you’ll never remember your wedding day … it will just be a blur” I’m sad to tell you – it really is) 

As you might guess – I was not supposed to bring my camera to my own Daughter’s wedding … HEY!  it’s attached to my hand … alright ?  HA!  

Since my Son-in-Law’s (I’m trying to get used to it all) family is from Thailand – they had planned two weddings. The first on Friday would be the traditional Thai tea ceremony and the second on Sunday would be the western wedding … in Malibu on top of a mountain overlooking a vineyard … It’s a California thing …  

Here’s just a glimpse at the images I got from the two weddings and a winery visit

Boston Wedding Photography by Walpole Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler – The Promise – Renewed {Wedding}

The Wedding day is a blur of emotions – love and laughter, friends and relatives. I know that is why having a photographer capture the day is so important.

But what about years later when you’ve had children, your lives are filled with soccer practice and “never enough time ” – do you still remember your wedding day?

Recently Rich and Kerri celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary – {and this was after a ten year courtship} by renewing their wedding vows.  

We met on a secluded beach … well, a secluded beach that was also popular with about a hundred other families .. HA! 

They invited both sets of Parents to join them and their two children in this wonderful day. Rich’s Father is a Justice of the Peace, so he officiated – which was just perfect.

But even though this was a “Wedding celebration” it was totally focused on family. It was as if their marriage was really just the first page of a life together and that their Parents and children were a part of. 

During the ceremony their Parents were close to them and their children “cuddled in” and it was just beautiful. 

Please don’t let the “day after day” steal it all – look in your heart for sleeping there – you’ll find your love – so young and fair.

The Signature Drink at the Wedding Reception {Wedding}

“The First Drink” refers to that “first drink” that everyone orders during the cocktail hour at the  Wedding reception (while the Bride and Groom are having their formal pictures taken).
It is a term that strikes terror into the hearts of bartenders everywhere.  Because it takes forever for the bartenders to prepare and serve all of those custom drinks (“I’ll have a Louisiana Shooter, two Spider’s Kiss and a Nightmare .. Please”) … there has to be a better way!
The best solution to this dilemma that I’ve seen is the “Signature Drink”.  It’s a fun & fruity, very colorful, kind of bubbly, not too sweet, not too high in alcohol drink which can be premade by the venue and served in a nice glass.
Now the title “signature drink” has nothing to do who made it or what’s in it!  It can be a fruit juice/ginger ale base, it can have orange slices and cherries in it, gin, vodka, served in a martini glass, plastic fluke whatever. It just has to be the only drink that is available when the guests arrive. Everyone will grab one and be very happy.
It’s the perfect drink for the cocktail hour because it can be made with and without alcohol, looks totally classy so girls and guys can feel good holding it (think school uniforms … no one looks any different than anyone else), kids can have the same (looking) drink as the adults and it’s inexpensive for the venue to produce.
I can’t take credit for this idea though. I recently attended an event hosted by The Knot for their “Best of Weddings 2012” (me!)  and when we arrived at the reception, there lined up on the bar were 100 (this is a guess, I’m not a savant …HA!) glasses of “signature drinks”. As I picked up my own “signature drink” I thought to myself “and the solution to a bartender’s terror is resolved”.
Bartenders rejoice – guests will no longer be able to play “stump the bartender” to impress your friends by ordering a fancy drink which has 150 year old tequila and some eye of newt in it while 150 other guests are standing behind them … and all they wanted was a nice cold bottle of Rolling Rock ! 

So, You’re welcome.   HA!

Jennimae & Aaron Shaw – Their Wedding Day Love Story Fusion Video

The spark is still there. Those beautiful “love-at-first-sight” – looks, secret glances and stolen kisses are all still alive.

This is the love story of Jennimae and Aaron on their Wedding Day June 26, 2011.


 We can have just a peek, but they will have this love together for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a short look at their Wedding Day

Anna and Joe – Their Engagement Session – Boston MA – Dan Busler

We walked Boston’s beautiful Public Gardens and historic Beacon Hill for Anna and Joe’s Engagement session- it was a great day to capture images of their love

Rose and John – An Engagement Session with a Perfect Couple – Dan Busler

I recently had the chance to to do an Engagement photography session with Rose and John, a beautiful couple who flew out from Ireland to the Boston, MA area to get married. (most of their family are now here in the U.S.)

I typically spend some time with the bride and groom separately to get a feel for how they met, got engaged and what they mean to each other. I took the opportunity to film some of their thoughts and feelings and found that they are just perfect for each other.

We all search for happiness, maybe wealth and success as well if they come along. John and Rose know that happiness must come first.

Here’s a short (I always say that my videos are short … whether they are or not .. HA!) slideshow of the images and clips from that session. 

Watch it full screen and enjoy.

Jessica and Anthony – An Orange County Engagement – Dan Busler Photography

Jessica and Anthony said that they wanted to have their Engagement session at an upscale mall in Orange County.  That sounded like fun.

They are such a beautiful couple and the mall was just perfect for capturing pictures. There were gardens, fountains, lots of flowers and so many quiet places.  I could tell that this couple is totally in love.

Check out this video of our session … but be prepared to be jealous!