A First Communion Celebration – St Ann Neponset Dorchester MA – May 3, 2014

Each year, I have the opportunity to see angels, little angels dressed in white – one minute they’re giggling and running and being little kids and the next they are walking into the church, their hands folded, singing a song as they walk to their seats.

It’s First Communion Day – it’s their First Communion Day and it’s exciting for them and a magical milestone for their Parents, family and friends. 

I’ve photographed the First Communion celebration at St Ann Parish – Neponset in Dorchester MA for a few years now. And I am amazed, humbled, calmed, happy, fulfilled, by the whole experience. 

Here is a look at the day.

Dorchester MA Confirmation Photography by Walpole MA Confirmation Photographer, Dan Busler {St Ann Parish Dorchester}

Confirmation is for many a milestone in their lives. Certainly in their religious lives anyway. 

And I think for most it brings a sigh of relief … they made it through another set of training. 

But even more than that, these kids are seen as adults by the church. Something they have probably felt for a few years.

It is a proud day for families and it is always an honor for me to help capture this day.


Boston First Communion Photography by Walpole First Communion Photographer, Dan Busler

First Communion Day is filled with kids … kids just being “kids” – laughing and dancing and fooling around. 
But the transformation we see as they enter the church into children experiencing a milestone in their lives is amazing.