A "Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show" Moment, Dan Busler Photography

I am writing today’s post on Monday April 15, 2013. It’s “Marathon Monday” here in Boston MA and today bombs exploded at the marathon’s finish line and forever changed history. 

I am guessing that this day will be remembered for as long as there is a Boston Marathon – and whenever people talk about the Marathon they will say, “where were you the day the bombs exploded?”

The odd thing is that I had planned to write a blog post with this title yesterday. Mainly because over this past week-end I had photographed a 100th birthday party. Hearing about all the history that Fred (the birthday boy) had seen made me realize all the history that I had seen.  

It’s that moment when we saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, the news flash that Princess Diana or President Kennedy had been killed or the World Trade Center disaster 

Or maybe it’s the birth of your child, your Son or Daughter hitting a home run or scoring a goal or leaving for college.

During those moments did we sit back and think … “I have just witnessed history?”

No, it didn’t feel like history, it felt like “now”. 

Today, as sad as the events (which are still unfolding as I write) are – they will be history. They will change everything – nothing will ever be the same.

Please acknowledge every small miracle in your life. Jump out of your chair and applaud for every song at your kid’s concert, hug your best friend when you see them, kiss your Son and Daughter  good-bye everytime they leave the house … even in front of their friends

Because you are living history.