Walpole Theatrical Performance Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Walpole Footlighters}

2014 marks the 90th anniversary of The Walpole Footlighters in Walpole MA. 

You may not be aware of it, but community theater groups are performing every week around the country. This is not just a few friends who put on a show in the barn. 

You’ll find extremely talents kids, college students, recent college grads who are building a resume, former professional actors who got a “day job” but can’t think of leaving the theater and so many others who audition (seriously competitive auditions), rehearse and perform … because they just have to share the gifts that they have inside of themselves. 

And then there are the spouses, family and friends – they are they carpenters, set and costume designers, stage managers, lighting technicians, ushers and accountants who allow the show to go on and look awesome each night.  

Like so many others before I knew better – I thought that a community theater production would be less than professional in the performances, costumes and sets. I was so wrong.

I’ve put together a slideshow for the Footlighters 90th gala with some images from their archives and some of my photos from their productions. I hope that you will enjoy it.

For over 90 years – the Walpole Footlighters have been dedicated to bringing quality productions to the people.

Boston Headshot Business Portrait Photography by Walpole MA Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler

As an Actor, Model or Business Professional you know that your skill and talent is your most important asset.

But it’s often your headshot that they’ll use to choose you and remember you. And you do want them to remember You ! 

Totally awesome – wickedly talented – confident – believable – handsome – beautiful – approachable – stunning – striking – … You! 

I’m committed to giving you memorable images.

Boston Theatrical Event Photography by Walpole Theatrical Event Photographer, Dan Busler {EMACT Gala}

EMACT – Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theater recently held their annual a gala at Cary Hall in Lexington MA to recognize and celebrate that Community theater is alive and wonderful in America.

The best shows, actors, producers, lighting designers, and so many other categories were highlighted and received awards for their talent and hard work.