Headshots – Dan Busler Photography – Memorable Images of You

Love – and creating fun – flirty – memorable headshots takes time.

The misconception about headshots is that they are portraits. When they are really “headshots” and you are the product. Because after all – they’ve just seen 50 or 100 actors or models and You want them to remember you! Incredible – awesome – talented – handsome – beautiful – approachable – sexy – stunning – “the perfect redhead for the part” … You!

So here’s the story when you come in for your session – First of all, relax – this day is going to be a blast. We’ll begin with a discussion of what makes you so darned incredible and how your images will be used.


Then a review of the clothing you’ve brought and we’ll spend a few minutes getting you acclimated to the lights, camera and the simple posing direction I give to make your images even more memorable.

All the time focusing on expression and attitude and speaking with your eyes to the person who will be holding your headshot after you’ve left the audition/modeling call. The purpose of this is after all – to get you the gig!   


Christine Busler – Going to California

My Daughter Christine recently graduated with a BFA from Emerson College in Boston and has moved to LA. But we just had to fit in one more headshot session before she left. So we headed down to our favorite place – Starbucks for the session.

Katie Müller – Ready for the next stage

Katie’s headshot session was a blast. Partly because she’s an actress and that means she’s going to be great to photograph and partly because she has such a natural smile.

We started her headshot session at the train station. The background was just perfect and that set the stage for a great day.

Terry Torres – Actor, Director

When I’m doing headshots for actors I have it kind of easy. Their training allows them to be so in touch with both their bodies and emotions that I just try to capture all the images they give me.

GirlFriends 2005

It was the summer of 2005. My Daughter and her three girlfriends had recently graduated from high school and were off to four different colleges.

My Daughter asked me to photograph the girls and I knew that it would be an opportunity never to come again. I could see that this was a slice of time captured and that no one could predict their futures.

It’s now almost four years later and the girls will be graduating from college this year. I’d love to take this picture of them now, but that won’t happen.

People lose touch. Horizons call us and we follow.

This is why I am a photographer. I want to remind people.

Make A Quiet Little Circus Difference

I don’t claim to understand the pain of a disease such as AIDS, or the dedication of those who are trying to cure it, or those who are trying to help make a difference in any way that they can.

“Equity” is a professional actors organization. Among a number of worth causes, Equity has taken on the job of helping inform the public about AIDS through their craft.

I attended one such event in Boston last December 2007 and just now I am at a point where I can write about it . It was a mixture of acting and music. the four actors from Emerson College had interviewed AIDS patients and then created a monologue to present to the audience.

The performances were moving, sad, real, comical, offensive, they made you angry … all the emotions at the same time.

I stood in the back of the dimly lit room and shot a few images just to document the event. I have also attached a short video of the program at the end of this blog. You should watch it.

After the presentation, there was a reception. You see all of the people portrayed were there, they were there to see their story told and to share that evening with the actors. But there wasn’t much saddness in the room. It was a more a feeling of respect.
Remember … watch the video , the link is below.