Just a Moment in Time – Priceless

Many artists agree that there is beauty in life’s candid moments.

Unposed people, just interacting, conversing and enjoying each other’s company often makes for the most interesting images.

Many years ago I learned an important lesson about capturing the beauty of the candid moment.  Look behind you, because stuff is happening there too.

I photographed this image recently at a backyard party. Everywhere you look in this image, there is something happening.  Small groups of people having conversations, laughing, some discussing more serious subjects, some are looking away, ready to move on to the next group and their next discussion.

So, even though this image is dark and grainy (shot at ISO 32000!), it caught my attention. You see, it’s not always the image with the perfect exposure and perfect pose that makes it precious, but the contect of the image itself.


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Each Event Can be Spectacular

An Event by definition is an occurrence, a happening, a phenomenon. And it’s something that may only happen once.

I photograph family, corporate and charity events. Even though there are similarities they each take a different approach.

Family events might be a weddings, family reunions or when your Child becomes a bar or bat mitzvah. It’s a blur of lots of people running and in the case of weddings, tight scheduling and yes, tension! But after the formal part, it’s a party.


Corporate events are quite different. They’re typically formal affairs with people who may work together but really don’t know each other outside of the office trying to party, but if clients are there … then the employees are “still on the clock” … always be selling.


Charity events are often galas with speeches, awards and dancing. Although I do photograph charity hockey/baseball/golf games each year.  And then the food and fun.


Many people choose to hire a professional event photographer to capture their once in a lifetime events because they’re trained to see the important moments as they unfold and usually they’re not emotionally involved. Although it is true that we do cry at weddings. You would to if you were watching the Bride and Groom and all the emotion at the alter through a telephoto lens!

So when you’re tying to decide if you should have Uncle Charlie photograph your wedding or the kid from the mailroom to photograph your trade show and the Big Event Gala you’re holding in Las Vegas you may want to re-consider and let Uncle Charlie be a guest and enjoy the wedding.




Dan Busler is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photographer with studios located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – Walpole MA. By the Artist, for the Artist. 781-352-4863 http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

What story do your pictures tell?

Every vacation, school concert, awards ceremony , religious  event or family get together … we take pictures. Sometimes they’re funny or blurry or maybe they’re incredibly solemn. But everyone of them may one day be priceless.

The subject of these pictures are of course … the people in them. Actually it might be your cat or car or cow .. but they’re the subjects of the picture.

One way to improve these images is to include the environment. You’re at the fair, show the ferris wheel in the background, at the Grand Canyon or in Paris step back / zoom out  and show the place. It adds to the story that your pictures tell. You were there, you experienced it and you captured a picture of how cool it was.


The engagement session – after the proposal

But then there are times when you can add some interest or value by including a sign or something that helps explain the picture.

Your spouse or child is speaking or performing  at an event – show the crowd, signage, the massive room. If we only get that close up shot we soon forget how epic the night was.

Choir 2


And then there’s theater – the sets, the signage, the costumes and the performance.

Zooming out allows us to see complimentary staging and props that add to the picture of the actor(s).


Of course we all zoom in for that portrait, but there is more to the picture that you may also want to capture.

Dan Busler is a professional portrait, performance and event photographer with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. You can see more of his work at http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

Norwood School Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Fantasy Footsteps}

It’s all a fantasy … all make believe and fun too at Norwood’s Fantasy Footsteps event for young believers in the magic of fairy tales.

The event is held in the dimmly lit halls of Norwood MA Savage Center around the time … but not on Halloween. Students put on short skits to the joy and amusement of the youngest kids. 

Norwood School Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Norwood Gala on the Hill }

Norwood MA public schools offer the students academics, sports and the arts. Together these three give our children the chance to experience all the good that life has to offer.

The Gala on the Hill brings together past and present students and faculty in a celebration of the arts. And it was a truly a festive event. But more than that – it showed us all how the arts are at the core of our souls, the foundation of confidence and well being.

The evening began with the Norwood High Marching band. Throughout the evening we saw theatrical and musical performances from current and past students and vocal performances from two of the faculty.

Providence RI Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Regency Plaza Apartments}

The Regency Plaza Apartments in Providence Rhode Island recently held their annual Holiday Party for the staff and guests. 

The food (which was almost all prepared in house) was fabulous, the entertainment was great, the atmosphere was lively and I was there to capture it all.



Norwood Church Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler, Emmanuel Lutheran 2012 Christmas Pageant

A Christmas Pageant has the ability to bring us back to reality. Once again we see the simple joys of family, friends and childhood. The pageant is after all just a slice of time – it must be cherished and held in our hearts – so that when we need to remember what’s most important to us it will be there.

Here are some images from the 2012 Christmas Pageant at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood MA


Here is a short video from the day … OK,  it’s about 4 minutes long

Dorchester Church Event Photography by Boston Event Photographer, Dan Busler, Sr Ann Parish Confirmation

I had the honor to once again photograph the Confirmation celebration for St Ann Parish – Neponset in Dorchester MA. 

For me, I enjoy this event because I get to see all the young people as they prepare to join the church as adults.  Some will become very involved in the church life and others may take a break from attending. 

But all will know that they have achieved another milestone in their lives. 






Boston Senior Portrait Photography by Norwood Senior Photographer, Dan Busler – Chris Kelleher

Chris is a 2013 Senior at Norwood High School on Norwood MA. You wouldn’t know it from these images, but it freezing the morning we photographed Chris’ session – Great job Chris !


Boston Engagement Photography by Boston Walpole Engagement Photographer, Dan Busler, Patrick and Shraddha Greenwell

We met on a brisk New England Fall morning at Walden Pond State Reservation for Patrick and Shraddha’s Engagement session. The cool temperature made it easy for them to cuddle … it took no coaxing at all … !