Choosing The Right Headshot for the Part

Leanne just landed a role in a new play and so she needed some new headshots for the lobby gallery at the theater.

Lobby gallery headshots aren’t “character” images such as those that might be used in promotion of the show, they are personality images that reflect the tone of the play. A comedic part in a play might call for a different headshot than a melodramatic/dark part. We still want to prepare the audience with a headshot that reflects a tone of the production they are about to see.

A big “cheesy grin” headshot for the actor who is portraying Javert in Les Misérables is a contradiction and will totally confuse the audience as they wait to enter the theater for an epic, depressing production.


Now back to Leanne, as you can see, she has tons of personality in her headshots. And with just a small change in her hairstyle and a bit of tilt of her head she has a completely different look. Both are welcoming, feminine and friendly … it’s a comedy! Nailed it!


What a pleasure it was for me to work with Leanne to create some great images for her latest production.

And when she gets the call for Les Misérables, we’ll rock some darker looks. I accept the challenge!

Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler {what you want Plus One}

You’ve planned … you’ve studied and talked to all your friends and you’re ready!

Your go into your headshot or business portrait session with a clear focus – “I want two great images … because I need one looking cool/confident and the other one smiling/friendly”. 


But you’re missing one. There is always a need for what I call “the editorial shot”. This is that approachable, casual, almost candid image of you that can be used for a speaking engagement program, magazine article / interview or anywhere you need the image to not look like a “posed headshot”.

For the CEO, it’s the “crisp dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, sitting on the edge of their desk or out in the workplace with a confident smile”. For the actor it’s a “hands on the hips, casual shirt and jeans and a wicked smile ” .

You notice the similarity in both ? The smile is genuine, not posed , a real “I can’t wait to meet you smile” . Which is slightly different from the smiles we get for the “headshots” (which are much closer cropped and “I’m the perfect person for the gig” shot)  

That’s the extra shot I get at every headshot session. Now my clients have a professional casual image in their back pocket when they need it. Ready to pull out and give that interviewer or event coordinator for the more casual usage. (it’s also that “do you have something else” shot for actors that I talk about all the time!)

So always ask your photographer for that extra shot, because you will need it one day. Because if you don’t have one,  they may just take the shot on their phone. YIKES 

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Boston Theatrical Headshot Photography by Walpole Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler {The perfect headshot}

What type of headshot do you need ? 

The answer is “the perfect one” to get you the gig. 

OK, so we get together and we have a fabulous session and you have that perfect headshot. 

And you show up for the acting or modeling call … you hand it in, they look intently at your headshot … look up at you and then they ask the dreaded question “Do you have anything else ?” ( Meaning another pose, or expression or outfit or background) 

Terror!  Ah … that’s my “perfect headshot” it’s … freaking perfect! 

If you don’t have a variety of other shots to offer they will whip out their “point and shoot” or phone and take a shot of you … with your hair and makeup … “not perfect”. That picture gets stapled to your headshot and resume and … “Next !”  

You can’t know what they are looking for – but you can come prepared. So in addition to your perfect headshot you can have images of you smiling, serious, formal, casual, “waist up” and “full length”,  fierce, sweet, urban chic and “flannel”.  

The comp card can also be the answer – it’s a quick look at all your looks. 

Remember – the purpose of your headshot is so that they will remember you.  Versatile, epic, handsome / beautiful / stunning / approachable / awesome  you.

Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole MA Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler {Rachel Francier}

There is no doubt in my mind that some people that I photograph are just destined to model. It’s that glance toward the camera, the way the girls “kick out the hip”. or the guys grab their jacket collar and make that “bad boy” attitude believable.

Well sometimes they’re coached by me .. just a bit. 

Rachel came to her headshot session a bit cautious I’m sure. But when we got into it, she got into the zone and just nailed it … nailed it ! 

And you know that when that happens – time just flies and the images we get are awesome.

You can see lots more of my work with models, actors and business professionals on my WEB site    781-352-4863

Walpole Headshot and Model Photography by Walpole MA Photographer, Dan Busler {Christine Vlahos, Leo Blais}

If you ask me which session we’ve photographed here at Dan Busler Photography in Walpole MA was my favorite … I’d probably say my last session! 

But sometimes the sessions are amazing! 

I’ve been photographing Christine Vlahos and Leo Blais for many years. Headshots, theatrical productions, their senior session …  Both are now away at college, but I thought that it was time for a get together and luckily they both agreed ! 

We ended hanging out for five hours – photographing in so many locations around the studio and came out with some truly excellent images.  Images that show both how cool they are in front of the camera and how close they are as friends. 

I want this to be a yearly … bi-annual … semi-monthly  event. I hope that they’ll agree. 

Westwood High Senior Portrait Photography by Walpole MA Senior Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler {Gianna Bonanno}

Dan Busler Photography is located in Walpole Center MA. Being a working class town we have lots of great urban, industrial, nature and rustic locations to use for our portrait sessions.

Gianna totally showed up ready to have a great senior session. 

She had her personal make-up artist, her Mom and her best friend with her to insure that she looked great. 

What a party atmosphere … and what awesome images of this beautiful 2015 senior.

You can find more examples of our work at  Please give us a call at 781-352-4863 for more information. 

Norwood High Senior Portrait Photography by Walpole MA Senior High Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler {Shannon Rose Geary}

Shannon was just so comfortable that it seemed like she didn’t “pose” during her Senior session … she just was this awesome I guess . Easy peasy !

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