Rich Morton Brings his Class on A Field Trip to the Studio

Rich Morton, a good friend and fellow photographer brought his photography class by the studio to learn more about posing and lighting.  So of course we started outside with sunlight – an excellent light source … and wicked bright!

Then it was time to ride “the tower of terror” freight elevator up to my studio, which I guess by the look on their faces was fairly exciting ! We used strobes and constant light sources and I got to get some awesome shots of the class for my portfolio. ( now where did I put all of their signed client releases … hmmmm )

With classes like this one, I like to show them that “light is light” and that it’s how you light the subject and not what light you use that can make a great image possible.

Rich (by the way) is an awesome character actor … he’s the one making the faces in the video.

Caitlin and Joe – Tie the Knot – Take the Plunge – Make it Real – Busler

I’ve known Caitin for a few years and when she asked me to photograph her wedding – I was thrilled.
She is such a classy person, I knew that Joe would be too and I was right.
 The value of marriage hasn’t changed. It’s an expression of commitment. Not only to each other, but to your friends and family. Think about it, here you have two people that get engaged … then go through months or years of preparation for their Wedding Day and they still go through with it! All that stress – all those questions and suggestions and stress. 
But when you know it’s right, when you know that this person is right, that you will support each other and comfort each other – that you will be the ” strong one” – non-judgemental,
It’s actually an amazing day, but it’s not a magical day, the magic was there all along, this is the day of celebration.

I was recently told that I am a couple’s “Photographer for life”. Until today I didn’t realize what that meant – It’s not a job, it’s a responsibility – an honor and a mission to be there to capture their life.
Pretty neat!

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Everyone knows that MIT is a “buttoned down” think tank for nerds … right? Well I beg to differ with that notion. The MIT Resonance a Capella group proves it… the kids from MIT can sing and dance ! Here’s a look at the group when they performed as one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s A Capella Night.

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Welcome to the Red Carpet – Busler

I was recently asked to shoot a red carpet event for a house party. Now for this to work it would take a great hosts, killer clothes, willing guests and some pumping house music. And we had it all. Oh yea.

This was one of the coolest photography gigs I’ve ever been asked to do. Check out the video and you’ll be wicked jealous of all the fun we had!

Mary-Ashley and Michael – The Engagement Session – Busler

Getting engaged is certainly one of the most important milestones in one’s life. In the span of one question and one answer someone accepts you to be their partner for life …

I had the honor to be with Mary-Ashley and Michael for a few hours on a rainy October day as they celebrated their engagement.

The images in this video speak for themselves … I was just there to capture it all. It was a beautiful rainy day and love was in the air.

WONKA – Norwood High – Rehearsals II

Norwood High in Norwood MA presents Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with all the songs, dances and comedy of the movie.
There is no life I know, to compare with pure imagination … Living there, you’ll be free, if you truly wish to be. Come join the cast – Beginning on September 18, 2009

The Step Dancer’s Shoes

There are so many forms of dance. Some are free form and fluid and others more rigid.
Irish step dancing is all in the feet. It’s quick moving, and it can be loud and solid, and very very exact.
As a drummer, the step dancer is my friend. We understand each other, we know that the rhythms we produce are at the heart of all we do. It is an extension of our heart beat and soul.
So listen closely to the rhythm, applaud it when it’s loud and sharp and quick and lively and wonderful. Breathe in the rhythm and hold it tight.

Your heart will understand

Your soul will dance to the rhythm and then , you will smile.