Images from a Christmas Pageant – Norwood MA

So much preparation goes into the Christmas pageant each year. Costumes, rehearsals, songs and scripts. And in the end the parents love it for it’s simplicity and the kids just have fun dressing up. We all need to remember that it’s the simplicity that makes it all so beautiful.

Comedy Slam at Norwood High – Busler

Images and video from the Norwood High – Norwood MA Comedy Slam. We have a few vampires, several people looking at feet, a bouncing Santa, utter confusion and lots of laughing … the audience laughs too

The Man in the Red Suit at the Kids Party – Busler – Walpole

Santa made at stop at the office recently and all the kids took a much needed break from their work to spend a few minutes with the jolly old fellow in the red suit.

Katie Rocks!

I shoot a lot of high school productions. It gives me the chance to meet quite a few young actors. High School productions are a great outlet. Katie loves to be a part of the production. She’s always there and does her best to make the production rock. One minute she’s a wicked cool sax player, next she’s got a cigar hanging out with the guys and well, it’s always a surprise. But always she is Katie.

Katie does rock!

Birthday Wishes

I guess the best gifts are those that are unexpected. Recently my Daughter sent me a bunch of baloons for my Birthday. They showed up at the reception desk and I was called out to receive them from the delivery person.

Then I had to carry them back through the office to my desk. Which I was later told by my Daughter was the whole idea.

The embarrassment was short lived, but the memory of this gift will last a lifetime.

A Saling Baptism

I was asked to photograph the Baptism of our Pastor’s Grandson, so of course I jumped at the chance. What a happy day! I most enjoyed capturing a Mother’s tender love and a Father’s bursting pride