The Smiths – A Session for their Parents {Portraits}

It’s pretty cool when I’m asked by the kids to do a session so that they can have a special portrait of themselves to give to their parents for a special occasion. 

I think that the kids know that their parents may be a bit sad as they see them each graduate from high school, then college, get married and start their own families.

What better gift than to stop time, for that brief moment and capture them all at this stage in their lives.  

I was so honored recently to do this session with the Smiths. 

We met at the studio and did the session by the pond and near a few of the buildings. 

This is one handsome bunch! Here are a few that we photographed by the now famous “green door”

And a special thanks to them for letting me add my “I’ll kick your butt” attitude posing … HA!  You guys nailed it!

Seniors Rock! and We Love Them

Shooting senior high portraits is totally a labor of love for me. This is such an incredible time in the life of both the senior and their families.

Think about it … for the senior it’s a mix of terror – anticipation – happiness – fear – fear …

And for the parents … happiness – pride – sadness – sadness … fear … fear

I know I repeat my self .. HA!

For me – it is a time to capture this awesome time in their lives when they are teenagers on the verge of being adults. There is so much magic in their eyes and I just love it.

Rich Morton Brings his Class on A Field Trip to the Studio

Rich Morton, a good friend and fellow photographer brought his photography class by the studio to learn more about posing and lighting.  So of course we started outside with sunlight – an excellent light source … and wicked bright!

Then it was time to ride “the tower of terror” freight elevator up to my studio, which I guess by the look on their faces was fairly exciting ! We used strobes and constant light sources and I got to get some awesome shots of the class for my portfolio. ( now where did I put all of their signed client releases … hmmmm )

With classes like this one, I like to show them that “light is light” and that it’s how you light the subject and not what light you use that can make a great image possible.

Rich (by the way) is an awesome character actor … he’s the one making the faces in the video.

The Suicide – Norwood High School {Performance}

Norwood High School – Norwood MA presents the 1928 Russian comedy “The Suicide” … it’s a fun romp with guns and girls and slapstick … and red boxer shorts and … a carrot and a sausage and … well,  it’s Russian. You will laugh …

I always try to give a little extra when I am photographing a school play. The arts are so important and the kids put so much effort into their performances. Actually I am amazed at their talent.

 The Suicide was written in Russia circa 1928 –  in the time of  Stalin.  It gives us a view of what type of comedy was in vauge at the time.  And it was slapstick and political.

  I have no idea if these red Russian boxers were listed as part of the costumes, but they sure did produce a funny moment in the play

Of course the play was about a suicide, which we never see and I think never happens. So it was a fun romp … like I said!

It’s All About the Music … Man! Norwood High School – Dan Busler

Yes,  it’s all about a sleepy little town, a con man, some groovy musical numbers and Shipoopi  … lots and lots of Shipoopi  when Norwood High School in Norwood, MA presents … or “presented”  The Music Man!

And of course there are people making faces, dancing around like fools, dancing the “Shipoopi” and in the end the musician gets the girl …. which is the way it should be.

Today,  when you’re walking down the street or standing in the elevator or in a business meeting with your boss … Stand UP and yell “SHIPOOPI”  and then sit down.  You’ll either get fired or get a vacation.

The show opens ( or did open ) on September 16, 2011.  Wicked talented actors – here’s a fusion video from the rehearsals.

The B Girls – Spelling Bee – Walpole Footlighters – Busler

These headshots are of three of the cast members of the Walpole Footlighters – Walpole, MA production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
I really love doing headshots .. I must admit. I think it has to do with focusing on the actor’s eyes. 
 After all, there is so much life in a person’s eyes .. it could the saddness, or the laughter, the experience or maybe something else, but I do know that the eys don’t lie.

Sofia – A little Jewel

I love to photograph kids with a attitude … OK, not really an attitude, but the ones that pose that way.

Kind of cocky … with just a touch of “I’ll kick your butt! ” as in this picture with her girlfriends

Every shot was fun and the session just flew by

It’s always fun to see this through the camera … her Mother would be mad and tell her to stop … me? I just press the shutter!

Cara Stanley – with the Family

I look for natural smiles when I shoot portraits …
I wait for them. With Cara I didn’t have to wait

Cause every shot was almost perfect and I don’t think that she was posing .

So I asked her to give me a serious smile … but her eyes just kept smiling

Cara with her Dad – Fintan Stanley at his home on Cape Cod

And two beautiful ladies – Cara with her Mother at sunset

It was a great day to shoot this beautiful family

Choral Classic Concert – Norwood MA

The classic choral concert … the choral concert of classic groups in a concert setting.
I guess that seeing the kids perform is the best part … no, actually it’s seeing them grow each year … their talents, and confidence. That’s what’s best about these concerts.
I look forward to shooting these performances. It brings back such good memories of watching my kids as they moved up each year.
The Norwood public school system has choral groups from the elementary to high school level. And they are excellent … wicked excellent. We’re New Englanders .. we talk like that …
Check out the video … just click on the link.

Choral Classic Concert

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Everyone knows that MIT is a “buttoned down” think tank for nerds … right? Well I beg to differ with that notion. The MIT Resonance a Capella group proves it… the kids from MIT can sing and dance ! Here’s a look at the group when they performed as one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s A Capella Night.

MIT Resonance – a Cappella