West Side Story – Norwood High School 2012 {Performance}

Musicals are some of the most demanding productions for schools to put on.  Not only must the actors remember their lines and deliver them … they have to sing and dance too.


But Norwood High School in Norwood, MA can pull it off and has been for many years. 

They start with the auditions in May and then the rehearsals run all summer long.  The kids take their vacations, work their summer jobs  … (even the leads) and another actor just steps in and the rehearsals continue.

This September, the school is presenting West Side Story.  We’ve all seen the show or the movie, or at least seen some of it.  This is Romeo and Juliet set on the streets … the mean streets of New York. And it is one of the most passionate and gritty plays too. 


But it’s also beautiful and delicate and intense.  I just finished photographing a rehearsal and I can already tell that the audience is going to love it. 

The B Girls – Spelling Bee – Walpole Footlighters – Busler

These headshots are of three of the cast members of the Walpole Footlighters – Walpole, MA production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
I really love doing headshots .. I must admit. I think it has to do with focusing on the actor’s eyes. 
 After all, there is so much life in a person’s eyes .. it could the saddness, or the laughter, the experience or maybe something else, but I do know that the eys don’t lie.

Cara Stanley – with the Family

I look for natural smiles when I shoot portraits …
I wait for them. With Cara I didn’t have to wait

Cause every shot was almost perfect and I don’t think that she was posing .

So I asked her to give me a serious smile … but her eyes just kept smiling

Cara with her Dad – Fintan Stanley at his home on Cape Cod

And two beautiful ladies – Cara with her Mother at sunset

It was a great day to shoot this beautiful family

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Everyone knows that MIT is a “buttoned down” think tank for nerds … right? Well I beg to differ with that notion. The MIT Resonance a Capella group proves it… the kids from MIT can sing and dance ! Here’s a look at the group when they performed as one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s A Capella Night.

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA – Images from their 2010 Fashion Show – The girls invited the boys from area schools to escort them and the boys were happy to show up! Shot by Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Girlfriends – A Quiet Moment

I shoot a lot of theatrical performances and sometimes my favorite shots come from the rehearsals. It’s a lot of long days to put together a show.

The stage isn’t set, there are no costumes and the actors deep in the process of preparation.

Downtime between your turn to rehearse can be hours. And during those times I see the best images.

Here’s another image from my Girlfriends series and it will always be one of my personal favorites.

Girlfriends – Four Years Later

Four years ago I had the chance to photograph four girls who had recently graduated from high school.

They were “girlfriends” and they were all quite different. I don’t claim to understand people, I just capture their souls, OK, I just take their pictures… but magic happens when you look back and see how things have changed.

Especially those years right after high school when a person’s world explodes with new ideas – new places – and people.

I’d love to shoot the Girlfriends again, but that moment has passed

The Screaming Orphans – Cleveland 2009

I had the chance to see The Screaming Orphans perform at the Cleveland Irish Festival in July 2009. I playing at the festival too, so I only had the chance to get a few shots of the Joan Diver, the band’s drummer and lead singer.

They don’t scream and they aren’t orphans. They are a band made up of four sister’s. Their Mom was the band’s lead singer up until they took to the road to perform around the world.

Check them out if they are in your area of the country.

The 4th of July Parade 2009 Norwood MA

Later in the day, the main 4th of July parade takes place in Norwood. Led by fire trucks from every town near by, this is the highlight of the day.

This parade brings it all back, the history, the pride in country and the love of family. The country takes a break from the rush and hurry.

We see that family and friends really do matter

The Kids Fourth of July Parade 2009 Norwood MA

The kids parade in Norwood is a lot of fun. The town basically closes down for a couple of hours so that hundreds of kids can come down the main street to the town common

They are dressed as famous people, the Statue of Liberty and flags are everywhere. It’s a great day and the kids and everyone else just love it.

And I get to capture it all!