Girlfriends – Where are they now? – Dan Busler

A number of years ago I did a family reunion portrait session for three … or was it four families? 
Today I was looking through the images from the session and came across these of a Mother and her two Daughters.
I’m pretty sure that a lot has changed in their lives over the years since this session. Are the Daughters married, do they now have kids,  did one or both move far away from home ? 
The answer is … yes, maybe. But no matter how much time passes .. or how far they may travel, that day we captured a moment. That particular moment is saved for all three of them to remember and enjoy.  The laughter and love they felt that day is theirs … for a lifetime.
I loved doing this session and I’m reminded of how lucky I was to be there every time I stumble upon these images.

The 4th of July 2010 – Norwood MA – The Kids Parade

Few events in this world can rival a children’s parade. I remember marching in parades as a child … seeing the town’s people line along the road made it so special.
In norwood MA, the 4th of July festivities begin at 1:00 PM when the main street is closed off and filled with hundreds of children and their parents walking, riding their decorated bikes and pushing decorated baby carriages,

The parade is led by The Colonial Boys fife and drum band.

and the newest addition, the Junior Colonial Boys band.

You can feel the excitement in the air as the kids parade around the town’s gazebo with the hope of winning a prize.

But everyone wins. There is a tee shirt and ribbon for everyone.

a few lucky ones are chosen as the best and they get to ride in the main parade later in the day.
I’m there each year tying to capture the spirit of the day, but mostly because it helps me remember how important family really is.
Here’s a link to a slideshow from the day

Brenner’s – Norwood Center

Honestly, I don’t know of another store that is left in the town that is from “the old days”. Brenner’s Children’s Store was there when our Grandparents were buying our parents their clothes and it’s still here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still some clothes hanging that have been there for forty years. OK, twenty years.

With all of the trendy stores out there, where can yout still get a Cub Scout pocket knife … Brenner’s.
And how about a sash for your Girl Scout uniform? Brenner’s
You might think it “corney” to care about the store that was there when three generations grew up, but personally I feel that we have to keep them alive.
Now if we could just get some new styles in the window….

I know that these are both the same picture. But color and Black and white are completely different.

Family First

The simple family cook-out. That Sunday afternoon get together, so simple, yet so special.

I was asked to shoot one such event this past Easter, this past Greek Easter. I mention that because of the wonderful lamb that they served. I could smell it as I got out of my car and headed up the drive way, asking some of the kids if this was the right house. They wouldn’t say … I guess I had that look. It’s a stranger!

Great family images were everywhere. The deep conversations, the kids chasing each other, Mom’s kissing their kids and others remembering when their kids were young enough that they would still allow their Mom’s to kiss them.

I’m so honored to be asked to photograph these types of events, I guess the people think that I do it for them …. when actually I get so much more in return

A Saling Baptism

I was asked to photograph the Baptism of our Pastor’s Grandson, so of course I jumped at the chance. What a happy day! I most enjoyed capturing a Mother’s tender love and a Father’s bursting pride

The Family Squeezed In!

Capturing a family reunion is such a joy for me. The generations all gathered together. Adults become the children as their parents tell them what to do. The kids running everywhere. It’s GREAT!
I set up in the living room for the “whole family” shot and then everyone poured in. …”Squeeze in” I just kept saying … “squeeze in”. Finally I got a few shots, even those are cray portraits, believe me, this is about as good as you can hope for.
Everyone was laughing, the kids couldn’t understand what was going on.
But I knew. The love in that room was simply infectious.
It’s a good kind of infection though … Hey! you! squeeze in! …a little tighter.

Paula and Delia

Portrait sessions go through a lot of stages.
Paula brought her Daughter Delia over for a session and it went great.

I’ve photographed both of them together a number of times so I decided to get a few shots of them together.

They are so natural together, it made my job so easy to just capture the events as they happened.

But it still holds true. We look for that one great moment, that image that makes the whole session worth it.

I think Delia was getting a bit tired and she got very serious. I snapped the image just as Paula kissed her lightly and the session was a Perfect!