Boston Portrait Photography by Walpole Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler

Sometimes the moments of our lives happen and it’s all we can do to just “live in the moment”  
Our memories soon blur and begin to fade away. 

But a photograph waits patiently, it lets us catch up so that we might see all of life’s precious moments … the ones that we might otherwise have missed.

Chrissi & John {Engagement} in the North End

For Chrissi and John’s Love Story Engagement session we headed to the cozy streets of Boston’s famous North End. It was the perfect backdrop for some fun and relaxing and totally romantic shots of this incredible couple.
John is a born and bred Boston boy and Chrissi is from a small town in Minnesota ( “don’t cha know”). They met while at a conference and I guess you could say the rest is history.
The North End is the hub of Boston’s Italian community. Every restaurant is fabulous … each coffee shop boasts better coffees and pastries than the next. And the streets are filled with tradition and surprises.

It was a cold and grey day in Boston so I wasn’t sure if Chrissi would want to shed her coat for some of the shots and I had no idea where she would find a place to change into her other outfit.

We photographed everywhere – the city streets, the alleys and the parks. And everywhere we went the images were just beautiful. But where will Chrissi get changed?  Then Chrissi’s phone rang, it was a friend … of a friend who lived in the North End and had heard that she was there.  She could change into her other outfit at his place!.  John (you remember John?  HA!)  and I were relieved!  Life is good.

We had a nice break in a warm apartment while Chrissi changed and then we were off again to explore.

Now, if you’re wondering .. how does a Boston “townie” and sweet girl from Minnesota find each other and fall in love ?   Well, you’ll just have to ask the President … yes, of the United States. He knows, but my guess is that he can keep their secrets …

Austin! Not hard to take

I was recently working in Austin TX and snapped this image of one of the swimming pools where I was staying.  Now this is how you “do it right! ” .
But saddly, I never had the time to take a dip.
Maybe next time … It’s Destination Wedding Season ! 

A Walpole Winter – Busler

I don’t actually like snow that much … I used to LOVE snow, but that was before life made me see it as evil .. HA!
You have to shovel it. 
It can cave in your roof,
Cause auto accidents
Make you late for work
You have to shovel it .. sorry, I already said that , but sometimes you have to shovel a few times …
Snow used to be so beautiful. It was
A Day off from school!
We’re going to go sleding!
Snowball fight!
and it was so quiet and white and soft and beautiful and calming  and slow and incredible
It still all the good things – it still is all good things
Snowball Fight!

Caitlin and Joe – Tie the Knot – Take the Plunge – Make it Real – Busler

I’ve known Caitin for a few years and when she asked me to photograph her wedding – I was thrilled.
She is such a classy person, I knew that Joe would be too and I was right.
 The value of marriage hasn’t changed. It’s an expression of commitment. Not only to each other, but to your friends and family. Think about it, here you have two people that get engaged … then go through months or years of preparation for their Wedding Day and they still go through with it! All that stress – all those questions and suggestions and stress. 
But when you know it’s right, when you know that this person is right, that you will support each other and comfort each other – that you will be the ” strong one” – non-judgemental,
It’s actually an amazing day, but it’s not a magical day, the magic was there all along, this is the day of celebration.

I was recently told that I am a couple’s “Photographer for life”. Until today I didn’t realize what that meant – It’s not a job, it’s a responsibility – an honor and a mission to be there to capture their life.
Pretty neat!

Birthday Wishes

I guess the best gifts are those that are unexpected. Recently my Daughter sent me a bunch of baloons for my Birthday. They showed up at the reception desk and I was called out to receive them from the delivery person.

Then I had to carry them back through the office to my desk. Which I was later told by my Daughter was the whole idea.

The embarrassment was short lived, but the memory of this gift will last a lifetime.