Boston Live Music Performance Photography by Walpole Live Performance Photographer, Dan Busler

Live Rock and Roll, Blues, Big Band, Rock and Soul, Punk.. [what ever name you give the music] performance is from the soul. If you try to control it when you are on stage “it” will eat you alive. So you have to let it out!

After spending virtually my whole life as a performer, I’ve put the performance on a back burner and for the past few years have focused on photographing live performance. That and everything that goes with it – headshots, creating marketing materials and coaching performers on how to succeed in this business.  This crazy … business that we love.


Matt and Mary {Wedding}

What happens during a Portrait session is super slow in comparison to a Wedding Day.  I remember the moments that pass during a portrait session, but even I have to look back at the Wedding Day images that I photographed to remember all that happened. 


I recently had the honor and pleasure to photograph the Wedding of Matt and Mary; each have two Daughters.  Both of their first marriages were very troubled and their Daughters lived through all that pain.  

Matt (who I have known for a number of years through photographing his rock band) gave a toast to his new wife that brought a hush to the crowd as he explained that he never dreamed that he and his beautiful Daughters would ever know happiness again. And looking at his Bride, he told her that she gave him the hope that their lives together – as a family of six would be strong and last.  


But it wasn’t the tears in his eyes or the sound of his voice that cracked as he spoke that made the moment so special for all of us who heard his toast. It was the sight of their four Daughters as they cried tears of joy that their Parents had found happiness.  This was by far the quietest Groom’s speech that I had ever witnessed. 


Mary then stood and instead of speaking gently hugged Matt. The four girls moved in and hugged their Parents.

I was shooting the whole time of course, that’s my job.  Because I know that these are the moments that I would want to remember if I were the Bride and Groom.

You see, it’s not just the ceremony, the applause, the cake cutting and throwing of the garter, the dancing and singing, formal shots and candids of family and friends that make the Wedding images so special. It is the intimate conversations, private moments, people holding hands as they watch the couple get married, some smiling ,  some crying, some looking so proud, the hugs and whispers in the Bride and Grooms ears … some of what they whisper will make them cry and some may make them blush (HA!) … this is what I photograph.

The Dons at Bad Abbotts with Mike Macchi

I’ve been photographing The Dons; a rock band from Boston, MA for a number of years. Originally the line-up included Mike and Matt Macchi and two of their friends , but Mike left the band about a year ago and moved to California. Matt took that opportunity to start fresh with new members .

One night recently the Dons welcomed Mike Macchi back on stage for a performance at Bad Abbotts in Quincy MA. This was a place very familiar to The Dons, seeing that they still play there about once a month.

I think that the Dons audience miss Mike Macchi. Mike is a performer that has a mutual love affair with his fans. The best performers do in my opinion.

There was no introduction that Mike was on stage … the band just launched in their first song and we all sat back … well I went into action … shooting images of Mike and the band.

I knew that I wanted to capture this night. I knew that it was going to be special. And the funny thing was that it didn’t feel special, it just seemed great.

Here is a link to a slideshow/video of images from the night. Now you can sit back and enjoy.

The Dons at Bad Abbotts with Mike Macchi