Rich Morton Brings his Class on A Field Trip to the Studio

Rich Morton, a good friend and fellow photographer brought his photography class by the studio to learn more about posing and lighting.  So of course we started outside with sunlight – an excellent light source … and wicked bright!

Then it was time to ride “the tower of terror” freight elevator up to my studio, which I guess by the look on their faces was fairly exciting ! We used strobes and constant light sources and I got to get some awesome shots of the class for my portfolio. ( now where did I put all of their signed client releases … hmmmm )

With classes like this one, I like to show them that “light is light” and that it’s how you light the subject and not what light you use that can make a great image possible.

Rich (by the way) is an awesome character actor … he’s the one making the faces in the video.

Paul Akl – The Headshot Session – Pure Attitude and Truth

I recently did a headshot session with Paul Akl. a fine actor and singer. I hadn’t seen him for years. In that time he had matured … of course, his hair was shorter, he had really worked on his body and so I thought that he was now focusing on modeling.

We did the typical headshots and then I thought that we should get some body shots as well.

Even though it looks like Paul is all attitude … he’s not.

I actually posted some of the images to the WEB and mentioned that Paul was a “body builder”. Next thing I get is an Email from Paul to let me know that that was not the case.

People may mistake confidence, pride and maturity for “attitude” … not so

Lori and Gary

Weddings come in all sizes and shapes.

Lori and Gary’s wedding was intimate and wonderful. Just close family and their children were in attendance. So you would think that this was going to be kind of low key.

But that was the last thing it turned out to be!

After the ceremony it was party time. The girls got it all started and Lori soon had everyone involved. It was all I could do to keep shooting to capture all of the action.What a night, but then
the images speak for themselves!

Nowhere Men

You know how much I enjoy shooting images of rock bands, probably because I understand where they are coming from and what they want the images I create to convey.

The Nowhere Men … who took their name from the Beatles song “Nowhere Man” is a great group of guys. They are not into looking like the Beatles, but it’s uncanny how much they move like the band when they are performing.

It was getting cold outside on the day of our shoot which added just the right look of a cold strggling “early 60’s” Beatles.

We had a great time and the band loved the images… I’m happy