Norwood Memorial Day 2013 Photography by Walpole Memorial Day Photpgrapher, Dan Busler

Memorial Day is one of those days when our celebrations are still true to the reason the day was created. 
Oh I do admit that I think of burgers on the grill and the beginning of the Summer when Memorial Day comes around, but in the end the essence of the holiday is still pure.
Norwood MA, like many towns, has a parade and a town gathering at the cemetery where we remember those who are serving and who have given their lives for our country. 
For me, Memorial Day is a grounding experience. It brings me back and reminds me that the daily rush is secondary to family, friends and country.


Memorial Day 2012 – Norwood MA {Event}

We all know what doing something each year, on a certain date or holiday {tradition} means to us. It’s those things that we can rely on to bring our lives back to normal for a moment.

I spent many years living in Norwood MA.  And each year we would go “up town” to watch the Memorial Day parade which starts at one of the town’s cemeteries and ends at another. 
Then all of the town would spend some time together in some ceremonies to remember those who have died in the service of our country. 

This year was no different.  The parade, the ceremonies and the rememberances.  But this is one of those times when the routine of it all really hit home for me and felt great.   
It’s more than a day off – it’s a “slow down and don’t you dare think about your crazy busy life” day.  
Each year, one of the graduating high school seniors reads the Gettysburg Address. This year it was delivered by Philip Gustafson who gave us all a look at what it might have sounded like when it was first heard on that battlefield cemetery so long ago.
Philip spoke to us. As Lincoln might have spoken to the crowd that gathered to dedicate the cemetery.  

 I admit that I know much less about history that I think I do. And history is personal and for some – it hurts to remember. But we must continue to tell the story – each year. Or it will fade and be forgotten.


I forget too often that a happy life is more important than a wealthy life. So, thanks for the normal, routine, boring, slow, “small town” days – they are such a blessing. I’m already looking forward to July 4th – just another “boring” day in a small town.

Memorial Day 2010 – Norwood MA – Busler

The Memorial Day celebration in Norwood MA is based around family – we remember the family that has died and those who are with us.

The parade which begins at 10:00AM is simple and not overly “military”. The cub scouts and girl scouts march, the fire fighters and police department honor guards, the Norwood High Marching Band, the Colonial Boys fife and drum band … and we honor the veterans, the retired and active duty

“Honor” is a good word for it too in my opinion. You see, we know everyone in a small community such as ours. The young soliders … marching in their uniforms were (it seems) just on the high school ice hockey team and here they are in miltary uniforms.

Memorial Day for the childern is a holiday, a day when Mommy and Daddy are home from work. But for some, we pause and remember the Mommies and Daddys that didn’t come home.

Memorial Day Parade 2008

I do my best to capture images from the parades in town. The faces of the people that are marching and the people that are watching.

It’s nice to see the cub scouts, brownies, matching bands … all the Townies. All the people that love the town and cherish the people that live here.

This was the Memorial Day parade. It is especially good to capture the images of those who served in the armed forces and those who are still in service marching side-by-side in the parade. You can see how they look at each other and see such different things.

This was a great day.