Nowhere Men

You know how much I enjoy shooting images of rock bands, probably because I understand where they are coming from and what they want the images I create to convey.

The Nowhere Men … who took their name from the Beatles song “Nowhere Man” is a great group of guys. They are not into looking like the Beatles, but it’s uncanny how much they move like the band when they are performing.

It was getting cold outside on the day of our shoot which added just the right look of a cold strggling “early 60’s” Beatles.

We had a great time and the band loved the images… I’m happy

The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – Portraits – II

Photographing a band such as The Dons can be like corralling cats. ” Stay Still!” “Don’t pinch his butt!!” but all the while we’re cracking up.

This pose was one of those where I just said, give me that serious face and they did!

One Image – Many Captions

When you shoot as many images per week as I do, you can tend to see multiple things in them.

This single image is of The Colonial Boys, a fife and drum marching unit who because of their generosity to the community are one of the most respected groups of their kind. But as I was preparing this image I couldn’t help but think of a couple of funny captions for what “could” have been happening.
And in my own twisted way, I had to share them with you. One is blank … so what’s your funny caption?

The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – Part One

Heart, Love, Commitment, Performance, Power, Ego, Truth

and this is Rock and Roll? Yes it is!

The Dons is a Rock and Roll Band that I have been photographing for a few years. They are the real deal. The no-phoney-baloney band that I think love their audiences as much as they are loved.
I’ll do many entries on these guys and I think you’ll see why they are one of my personal favorites