Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole MA Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler {Rachel Francier}

There is no doubt in my mind that some people that I photograph are just destined to model. It’s that glance toward the camera, the way the girls “kick out the hip”. or the guys grab their jacket collar and make that “bad boy” attitude believable.

Well sometimes they’re coached by me .. just a bit. 

Rachel came to her headshot session a bit cautious I’m sure. But when we got into it, she got into the zone and just nailed it … nailed it ! 

And you know that when that happens – time just flies and the images we get are awesome.

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Walpole Headshot and Model Photography by Walpole MA Photographer, Dan Busler {Christine Vlahos, Leo Blais}

If you ask me which session we’ve photographed here at Dan Busler Photography in Walpole MA was my favorite … I’d probably say my last session! 

But sometimes the sessions are amazing! 

I’ve been photographing Christine Vlahos and Leo Blais for many years. Headshots, theatrical productions, their senior session …  Both are now away at college, but I thought that it was time for a get together and luckily they both agreed ! 

We ended hanging out for five hours – photographing in so many locations around the studio and came out with some truly excellent images.  Images that show both how cool they are in front of the camera and how close they are as friends. 

I want this to be a yearly … bi-annual … semi-monthly  event. I hope that they’ll agree. 

Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler {Liz}

Liz is an actress and model that I’ve had the pleasure to work with for a few years. We recently got together to refresh her portfolio images and a had a great time.

Liz is so comfortable in front of the camera that I barely give her any direction. And the images we get – are awesome.



Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler

Here’s a teaser from a session that I did with Najaam Lee of The Vedic Image Group and model Ty Smith.
I’ll post more images from the session soon.



Norwood, Boston Headshot Photography by Norwood, Walpole, Boston Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler – Claire Lukaczyn

Claire focuses on acting in the theater but from what I saw at her session … she should consider modeling as well !

Norwood, Boston, Headshot Photography by Norwood, Boston Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler – Trevor Smith

Trevor is focused on a career in modeling – so we focused on his attitude, posture … or lack of it (HA!)  and the way he wore the clothes.  It was a great session – I look forward to working with Trevor again.

Seniors Rock! and We Love Them

Shooting senior high portraits is totally a labor of love for me. This is such an incredible time in the life of both the senior and their families.

Think about it … for the senior it’s a mix of terror – anticipation – happiness – fear – fear …

And for the parents … happiness – pride – sadness – sadness … fear … fear

I know I repeat my self .. HA!

For me – it is a time to capture this awesome time in their lives when they are teenagers on the verge of being adults. There is so much magic in their eyes and I just love it.