Bethany & Jamie – An Arrowhead Acres Day {Wedding}

A Wedding Day is full of tight scheduling and preparation, flowers and cakes, and relatives.  It can be a blur of love and laughter and tension. 

For Bethany and Jamie this was their day to show their friends and family the love, friendship and commitment that they have shared for some time. 

When we arrived to photograph Bethany getting ready we could see that this was going to be an exceptionally calm and beautiful day. No tension, well none that we could see anyway .. HA! 

Bethany looked so beautiful in her gorgeous dress. Make no mistake, putting on the wedding dress does transform a woman into a bride. We could see a sparkle in Bethany’s eyes as she realized that this was finally her wedding day.


After capturing a few images of the ladies in the backyard it was time to leave for the Wedding venue; Arrowhead Acres in Uxbridge MA. 


Arrowhead Acres offers a beautiful wooded country setting.The trees that surround the gazebo where Bethany and Jamie would say their vows allowed perfect filtered sunlight to bathe the path that Bethany and her wedding party would use as they walked toward Jamie and his groomsmen. We knew that this was going to be a magical day.

The ceremony was full of emotion as Jamie and Bethany spoke their vows. Jamie couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride. These were images that will be remembered for generations.

Now, the reception was another story!  The first dance was a total blast that involved the whole bridal party and the party just elevated from there.

 If this day was any indication of their lives together it will be just amazing. And we want to be there for every milestone! 

Rose and John – An Engagement Session with a Perfect Couple – Dan Busler

I recently had the chance to to do an Engagement photography session with Rose and John, a beautiful couple who flew out from Ireland to the Boston, MA area to get married. (most of their family are now here in the U.S.)

I typically spend some time with the bride and groom separately to get a feel for how they met, got engaged and what they mean to each other. I took the opportunity to film some of their thoughts and feelings and found that they are just perfect for each other.

We all search for happiness, maybe wealth and success as well if they come along. John and Rose know that happiness must come first.

Here’s a short (I always say that my videos are short … whether they are or not .. HA!) slideshow of the images and clips from that session. 

Watch it full screen and enjoy.

Girlfriends – Where are they now? – Dan Busler

A number of years ago I did a family reunion portrait session for three … or was it four families? 
Today I was looking through the images from the session and came across these of a Mother and her two Daughters.
I’m pretty sure that a lot has changed in their lives over the years since this session. Are the Daughters married, do they now have kids,  did one or both move far away from home ? 
The answer is … yes, maybe. But no matter how much time passes .. or how far they may travel, that day we captured a moment. That particular moment is saved for all three of them to remember and enjoy.  The laughter and love they felt that day is theirs … for a lifetime.
I loved doing this session and I’m reminded of how lucky I was to be there every time I stumble upon these images.

Quilts – A lost art that will keep you warm

Quilts … you don’t hear that word much any more. Why sew a quilt when they are on sale this week-end for 70% off! run – rush – trample – claw …
My Grandmother made quilts, ladies would come over to her house and sit and talk and sew. These were Pensylvania Dutch quilts. Bright colors, crazy patterns, tiny.. tint stiches that would never … ever come out.

Recently the ladies at my church returned to the art of quilting and they had a dedication of the quilts last Sunday. What a proud day, these quilts were going to be boxed up and sent to people that couldn’t afford to … COME ON OVER for the 70% off sale!!

You see, these were made by hand and the stitches … made by hand … had love built into every stitch. And that alone will keep you warm.

The 4th of July Parade 2009 Norwood MA

Later in the day, the main 4th of July parade takes place in Norwood. Led by fire trucks from every town near by, this is the highlight of the day.

This parade brings it all back, the history, the pride in country and the love of family. The country takes a break from the rush and hurry.

We see that family and friends really do matter

The Kids Fourth of July Parade 2009 Norwood MA

The kids parade in Norwood is a lot of fun. The town basically closes down for a couple of hours so that hundreds of kids can come down the main street to the town common

They are dressed as famous people, the Statue of Liberty and flags are everywhere. It’s a great day and the kids and everyone else just love it.

And I get to capture it all!

A Saling Baptism

I was asked to photograph the Baptism of our Pastor’s Grandson, so of course I jumped at the chance. What a happy day! I most enjoyed capturing a Mother’s tender love and a Father’s bursting pride