Norwood High School Senior Portrait Photography by Walpole MA High School Senior Photographer, Dan Busler {Isabella LeSavage}

In addition to being an awesome young woman, Isabella … or Izzy as she’s known is also a dancer. 

So I knew that we would get some great pictures of her grace and beautiful poses …. and we did ! 

Norwood Theatrical Photography by Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler

Norwood High School in Norwood MA presents Sleeping Beauty and The Spinner. The school is presenting the one act play at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe where they will have haggis … maybe

Norwood Senior High School Portrait Photography by Walpole Senior Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler – Pranav Srivaatsav

Pranav is a 2013 senior at Norwood High School. How he got his last name is an interesting story … which he might tell you if you’re really nice ! 


The Smiths – A Session for their Parents {Portraits}

It’s pretty cool when I’m asked by the kids to do a session so that they can have a special portrait of themselves to give to their parents for a special occasion. 

I think that the kids know that their parents may be a bit sad as they see them each graduate from high school, then college, get married and start their own families.

What better gift than to stop time, for that brief moment and capture them all at this stage in their lives.  

I was so honored recently to do this session with the Smiths. 

We met at the studio and did the session by the pond and near a few of the buildings. 

This is one handsome bunch! Here are a few that we photographed by the now famous “green door”

And a special thanks to them for letting me add my “I’ll kick your butt” attitude posing … HA!  You guys nailed it!

Memorial Day 2012 – Norwood MA {Event}

We all know what doing something each year, on a certain date or holiday {tradition} means to us. It’s those things that we can rely on to bring our lives back to normal for a moment.

I spent many years living in Norwood MA.  And each year we would go “up town” to watch the Memorial Day parade which starts at one of the town’s cemeteries and ends at another. 
Then all of the town would spend some time together in some ceremonies to remember those who have died in the service of our country. 

This year was no different.  The parade, the ceremonies and the rememberances.  But this is one of those times when the routine of it all really hit home for me and felt great.   
It’s more than a day off – it’s a “slow down and don’t you dare think about your crazy busy life” day.  
Each year, one of the graduating high school seniors reads the Gettysburg Address. This year it was delivered by Philip Gustafson who gave us all a look at what it might have sounded like when it was first heard on that battlefield cemetery so long ago.
Philip spoke to us. As Lincoln might have spoken to the crowd that gathered to dedicate the cemetery.  

 I admit that I know much less about history that I think I do. And history is personal and for some – it hurts to remember. But we must continue to tell the story – each year. Or it will fade and be forgotten.


I forget too often that a happy life is more important than a wealthy life. So, thanks for the normal, routine, boring, slow, “small town” days – they are such a blessing. I’m already looking forward to July 4th – just another “boring” day in a small town.

Katelyn and Dan {Engagement}

When Katelyn turned down a job offer that would have required her to relocate it may have been that she knew that her destiny was here in Boston. For soon after she met Dan and the rest (as they say) is what Love Stories are made of.

The weather was just perfect for a walk through Boston’s Public Gardens .  All the time I’m on a mission to find a beautiful shady place to take a few pictures.  And it seemed that everywhere we stopped was perfect.

Even I think these are breathtaking, but then LOVE is !

Seniors Rock! and We Love Them

Shooting senior high portraits is totally a labor of love for me. This is such an incredible time in the life of both the senior and their families.

Think about it … for the senior it’s a mix of terror – anticipation – happiness – fear – fear …

And for the parents … happiness – pride – sadness – sadness … fear … fear

I know I repeat my self .. HA!

For me – it is a time to capture this awesome time in their lives when they are teenagers on the verge of being adults. There is so much magic in their eyes and I just love it.