Nephrok and The Motown Masterpiece Orchestra at The Extended Play Sessions Holiday Extravaganza 12-21-19

Nephrok and The Motown Masterpiece Orchestra which includes Nephtaliem McCrary, Sarah Seminski, Peter MacLean, Daniel Day, Dan Kenney, Eric Vincent, Scott Aruda, and Pat Loomis brought some sweet soul Christmas music to The Extended Play Sessions – Fallout Shelter Holiday Extravaganza on December 21, 2019.

The audience was on its feet and the house was definitely rocking as the “NefSanta” Allstars came a-knocking.

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Just a Moment in Time – Priceless

Many artists agree that there is beauty in life’s candid moments.

Unposed people, just interacting, conversing and enjoying each other’s company often makes for the most interesting images.

Many years ago I learned an important lesson about capturing the beauty of the candid moment.  Look behind you, because stuff is happening there too.

I photographed this image recently at a backyard party. Everywhere you look in this image, there is something happening.  Small groups of people having conversations, laughing, some discussing more serious subjects, some are looking away, ready to move on to the next group and their next discussion.

So, even though this image is dark and grainy (shot at ISO 32000!), it caught my attention. You see, it’s not always the image with the perfect exposure and perfect pose that makes it precious, but the contect of the image itself.


Dan Busler Photography is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photography studio located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – East Walpole MA.
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Norwood Party Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Tom Bruhl}

It’s time to Feature one of the awesome entertainers that I get to meet and work with … 

Tom Bruhl … The Music that Makes You Move !  – well that’s a fact I can attest to.

I recently photographed an event where Tom provided the entertainment.  Although Tom performs with a trio – this night he was a “one-man-band” – playing sax and guitar (not simultaneously) along with backing tracks that he recorded at his studio. 

It was interesting to find out that we both graduated from Berklee College of music Magna Cum Laude … the same year!  

All I can say is if you need a great DJ, who plays live instruments and sings … it’s kind of the whole package – you should check out Tom.  

Of course this is after you’ve hired me to photograph the event of course..!  

Walpole Theatrical Photography By Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Laughter on the 23rd Floor}

For those of us who have wondered what it must be like in the “writers room” of a sitcom or SNL .. or, well the list goes on … 

The Walpole Footlighters gave us a little look when they presented Laughter on the 23rd Floor. And after seeing it I must say that it’s a lot more serious and crazy and funny that I had ever imagined !

These characters are real “characters” to be sure. Just take a look!

The cast …
and crew !

As the year comes to a close

As the year comes to a close – I remind myself that I didn’t choose to be a photographer (or a musician for that matter) – I was drawn to it. 

And you might feel the same about what you do in life. At least, I hope that you do.

Sometimes the moments of our lives rush by us so fast and it’s all that we can do to just “live in the moment” .  Our memories blur and soon, begin to fade away.  But a photograph waits patiently, it lets us catch up and see, hold, experience and enjoy all of those precious moments that we might otherwise have missed.

So take a photograph of all the moments in your life. The small events, the major events and even the sad ones. 

For years I was a bit embarrassed and hid the fact that I loved looking into my client’s eyes and seeing what I consider, the truth.

It wasn’t until I saw this quote from Annie Leibovitz that I realized that I wasn’t alone …  “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

So as this year comes to a close – I thank God for how lucky I am to be a photographer. 

Norwood Church Event Photography by Walpole Event photographer, Dan Busler {Bill Gruhn}

Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood MA recently honored Bill Gruhn as he left his post as WEBmaster for the church’s WEB site.
Bill has been a member of the church for many years and is actually the reason the church has a WEB site.
Hopefully Bill will tell them where all the code is hidden !   HA.


Boston Live Music Performance Photography by Walpole Live Performance Photographer, Dan Busler

Live Rock and Roll, Blues, Big Band, Rock and Soul, Punk.. [what ever name you give the music] performance is from the soul. If you try to control it when you are on stage “it” will eat you alive. So you have to let it out!

After spending virtually my whole life as a performer, I’ve put the performance on a back burner and for the past few years have focused on photographing live performance. That and everything that goes with it – headshots, creating marketing materials and coaching performers on how to succeed in this business.  This crazy … business that we love.


Norwood First Communion Photography by Walpole Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler, St Catherine of Siena

I’ve been honored to photograph a number of First Communion celebrations and each is a look at a special day when children realize their religion is tangible.

Oh, I don’t mean that suddenly they are totally enlightened and want to become clergy … HA! No, I see it in their eyes – they “get it” – their religion is all their’s to believe. 

The First Communion celebration at St Catherine of Siena in Norwood MA is spread over four days because they have so many children in the class. It was a massive event! and I loved being there. 

Norwood High School Theatrical Photography by Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Performance}

Each year, beginning just a few days after the school year ends, the rehearsals for the Fall show begins for the drama students at Norwood High School in Norwood, MA. 

This is their summer vacation, because this is what they love to do. 

Yes, they go on their family vacations and work their summer jobs, but when they aren’t somewhere else, they are rehearsing.

Here is a look at the 2012 – 2013 season, the plays aren’t in order. 

Oh, yea… you better grab a cup of coffee and find a comfy chair, cause this fusion slideshow video is 12 ( yes twelve) minutes long.

And by the end of the video you too will understand why this is one great group of actors.

Norwood Family Photography by Walpole Family Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler

This night marked Fred’s 100th birthday and I was honored to have been asked to document it for his family. 
I was expecting Fred to be a bit slower, maybe he’d need an arm to hold on to as he arrived at the hotel for his party. But no, Fred came strolling in and said … “Well, here I am !” 
Fred still drives himself everywhere, which includes the track
It wasn’t until his Daughter was giving her speech detailed Fred’s life that I realized all the history that he’s seen. The 1st World War, the Cuban missile crisis, the Beatles, civil rights, the depression.
And all through the speech, Fred just listened … and so did we as we celebrated Fred’s 100th birthday.