Nurse Mary

Shooting theatrical performances can be very intense. So much is happening. Stage right, stage left. I am constantly panning to be sure that I am capturing all of the expressions, the poses and the “acting”
Recently I shot The New Prospect Players production of “The Man Who Came to Dinner”.

The whole cast was excellent. One member, Mary Ferrara was Miss Preen, the crazy, lazy nurse. Her policy for dispensing drugs was “one for you and two for me”

And what a poser , in the right way I mean. I knew that when she was on stage, that I would get some great shots

It’s all in who you have as a model, I just do my best to push the shutter at the right time

And here’s the multi-talented Mary as “Westcott”, the gruff radio show tech.


Milestones are meant to be documented, celebrated, remembered

But when you reach them and look back at where you were they can be surprising too

Just when you think you’re kid’s future is going to zigdefinitely zig, it zags

Like DocBoy, my son did.

My son is a hockey player, it’s in his soul, a locker room is his favorite smell, the cold ice is his favorite surface … he asked for a hockey stick while still in the womb

This is a picture of the day he received his pin, He is now an RN and one day soon will be a Nurse Practioner, with a focus on the brain.

So what? who cares? Big deal!

But you see, you didn’t live it. You didn’t see it. For this was was not only DocBoy’s milestone, it was mine as well

There is great chaos under heaven and it is wicked excellent