Tony and Cleo – Medfield Gazebo Players – August 2012

“Of all the gin joints in all the world” … Tony had to walk into Cleo’s! 

Yes Anthony and Cleopatra … Greece and Rome came together in this romantic romp as told by the bard William Shakespeare and performed by the Medfield Gazebo Players. 


I was just there to see the show, but I knew that this performance was going to be interesting so I brought my camera.

This group does such a good job, the sound, costumes and performances were really nice.  I knew a number of the actors and I know how hard they worked on this performance.


The weather report was for rain – but not until later – so the performance was held outside.  


Well they almost got the whole thing in, but just before Cleo has her great dying scene the thunder sounded, the skies opened up and I made a beeline, with camera safely inside my shirt,  for the dryness of my car.

So I guess that I’ll never know if Cleo and this play have a tragic end.  … oh she does?  (HA!)

Happy Birthday Christine – 2011

February 17, 2011 is my Daughter Christine’s Birthday

So I’m taking the liberty to post my video tribute to my Fav Girl, my little Sk8rGurl

Christine’s an ice hockey player, actress, redhead , comedian, “copper top” , friend, life saver, photographer, … Daughter

The video is just a glimpse.

Happy Birthday Christine!'s%20WEB%20Site&cu=

Adalene – One of the Dolls – Coakley Middle School – Busler

Go ahead … I dare ya! 
What you looking at?
Luck Be a Lady … tonight!
Yes, it’s all about the attitude … even if you’re a Middle School doing a production of Guys and Dolls .
 But to do it right you just have to have a “dame”
 You’ve just gotta have an “Adalene”.
Now, what’s kind of funny is this actress ( an 8th grader) had it down cold.
The accent, the attitude, the stance …
 It was quite a performance, but then something tells me that we are really seeing the shades of the strong, confident woman this Adalene will become. 

And that was very cool to see

The Amherst Bluestockings

The girls from Amherst College aka The Bluestockings were one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s “A Cappella Night” about a week ago. It’s seems that I am always in the dark at these events … trying to get the shot, waiting for their nose to come out from behind the microphone … with just a second I try to capture a smile, etc.
Sometime I succeed.

The Amherst Bluestockings

Wonka – The Final Rehearsals – Norwood MA – Busler

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory presented by Norwood High in the wicked excellent town of Norwood, MA. It literally soars … seriously. And the cast, rocks

Wonka – Norwood High – The Rehearsals

All summer long they rehearse the fall musical. Long days, the kids barely get to enjoy their summers. But they squeeze in their family vacations and by the end of August, the production is starting to take shape.

The dedication they have is as much as any varsity team. The performances they put on are incredible. Here is a look at the rehearsals, soon enough you’ll get to see images from their performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Seven Nations – Fiddle in Cleveland Irish Festival 2009

The band called Seven Nations is really a bit deceiving.; At first glance, they are have the look of a skateboard crew… tattoos and baseball caps , They don’t look like they’d be a great band,
But as soon as it starts you soon find out that this is a group of seriously talented musicians that have worked with symphony orchestras, been part of the Olympic opening ceremonies and the X-Games.

I only got a few images of Victor Gagnon, the band’s fiddle player, but you get the picture.