Just a Moment in Time – Priceless

Many artists agree that there is beauty in life’s candid moments.

Unposed people, just interacting, conversing and enjoying each other’s company often makes for the most interesting images.

Many years ago I learned an important lesson about capturing the beauty of the candid moment.  Look behind you, because stuff is happening there too.

I photographed this image recently at a backyard party. Everywhere you look in this image, there is something happening.  Small groups of people having conversations, laughing, some discussing more serious subjects, some are looking away, ready to move on to the next group and their next discussion.

So, even though this image is dark and grainy (shot at ISO 32000!), it caught my attention. You see, it’s not always the image with the perfect exposure and perfect pose that makes it precious, but the contect of the image itself.


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Lifestyle Photography, Show the Love and Keep those Memories Safe

“A Day in the Life” photo session is just that. From the time you get up until you go to bed, your day is filled with life.

And as normal and regular you might think it is, there’s a heck of a lot going on. Then you add other people ( spouse, kids, friends, co-workers) and the stuff you do ( hang out, play, talk, laugh, cry, yell, play in the pool, read the paper … get interrupted, eat, feed the cat, take a walk, look at some flowers and show them to your kids, pick those flowers to bring home to your spouse, see their reaction, get a hug and kiss … you see where this is going, your life is awesome!)


OK, so now you’ve got all these epic “day in the life” pictures of your awesome life what are you going to do with them?

First, realize how nice these captured memories of this epic day will be to look at in a month. Then realize how great they will be to look at in a year and how precious they will be in 10 years ,,, and 30 years when your kids are Grandparents and in 60 years when you are gone. They are no longer nice, or normal or just snapshots, they are so precious that the album they’re in is put carefully in a special box.


I offer “day in the life” sessions and they are truly heartwarming and real and full of all the borning moments that will one day be precious memories.



Dan Busler is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photographer with studios located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – East Walpole MA 02032 By the Artist, for the Artist. 781-352-4863 http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

The American Cancer Society – Relay for Life {Event}

The “Relay for Life” is one of the American Cancer Society’s local events that focuses of what many of us can do to help in the fight to cure cancer.

Recently we were invited to photograph the event  which was held on the track at Walpole High School in Walpole MA. I was happy to see walkers for not only Walpole but the surrounding towns as well. They had set up a kind of “tent city”  because the event begins at 6:00 PM and doesn’t end until the next afternoon.  So for most of the attendees this was going to be a sleepover with lots of walking.

Events like this draw the survivors who wear purple t-shirts and the rest of the people are generally wearing – well, I guess you could say costumes. 


I loved the colorful clothes, some of which included bunny slippers, tu-tus and crazy t-shirts.

All of the attendees should be very proud of their participation, I was honored to be there.

Lindsay Newcomb – 2013 Senior – Norwood High School

Dreams to compete at the Olympics with the US gymnastics team and the dedication to achieve it is in the heart of Lindsay.


The first part of the session we spent on location getting some great shots by the pond and brick structures at my studio and then headed inside for the studio shots. 


It was kind of a magical transformation in the way Lindsay stood and walked after she changed into her uniform.  She was so comfortable in that leotard as if her street clothes were just something she wore when she wasn’t competing. 


It was a pretty cool session I must admit!


The Signature Drink at the Wedding Reception {Wedding}

“The First Drink” refers to that “first drink” that everyone orders during the cocktail hour at the  Wedding reception (while the Bride and Groom are having their formal pictures taken).
It is a term that strikes terror into the hearts of bartenders everywhere.  Because it takes forever for the bartenders to prepare and serve all of those custom drinks (“I’ll have a Louisiana Shooter, two Spider’s Kiss and a Nightmare .. Please”) … there has to be a better way!
The best solution to this dilemma that I’ve seen is the “Signature Drink”.  It’s a fun & fruity, very colorful, kind of bubbly, not too sweet, not too high in alcohol drink which can be premade by the venue and served in a nice glass.
Now the title “signature drink” has nothing to do who made it or what’s in it!  It can be a fruit juice/ginger ale base, it can have orange slices and cherries in it, gin, vodka, served in a martini glass, plastic fluke whatever. It just has to be the only drink that is available when the guests arrive. Everyone will grab one and be very happy.
It’s the perfect drink for the cocktail hour because it can be made with and without alcohol, looks totally classy so girls and guys can feel good holding it (think school uniforms … no one looks any different than anyone else), kids can have the same (looking) drink as the adults and it’s inexpensive for the venue to produce.
I can’t take credit for this idea though. I recently attended an event hosted by The Knot for their “Best of Weddings 2012” (me!)  and when we arrived at the reception, there lined up on the bar were 100 (this is a guess, I’m not a savant …HA!) glasses of “signature drinks”. As I picked up my own “signature drink” I thought to myself “and the solution to a bartender’s terror is resolved”.
Bartenders rejoice – guests will no longer be able to play “stump the bartender” to impress your friends by ordering a fancy drink which has 150 year old tequila and some eye of newt in it while 150 other guests are standing behind them … and all they wanted was a nice cold bottle of Rolling Rock ! 

So, You’re welcome.   HA!

Bethany Merlin – 2013 Senior Medfield High School

I’ve been looking forward to posting some of the images from Bethany’s session since we shot them. 


We got such a mix of looks and the time flew by.  Which keeps the energy level high and the smiles fresh. 

 I do love it when I can grab a pair of sunglasses out and the image just pops!  I think that blue is Bethany’s color.

 She really is a classic.

The Boston Sky – I looked Up and there it was {Scouting}

I like to spend some time “scouting” out new locations. Especially when I’m looking in areas where I photograph all the time. 

It’s so easy to play it safe and shoot all the same places, so I force myself to add something new to every session. 


I was in Boston recently – just walking though town on a dark and gloomy kind of day and I looked up … HA!  I know –  well, I never look up. 
The sky was magical – and had that “rainy day in old London” look.  


Now the way to make a sky even more dramatic is to expose for one stop below a “correct” exposure.  


This also works well for the blue skies I saw just a short time later.


New England is well know for the phrase ” Hey! you don’t like the weather .. wait five minutes

 I did .. and the weather changed!

Travis Roy Foundation Spring Fling {Event}

It was such a gala atmosphere the evening of the recent Travis Roy Foundation Spring Fling which was held on April 21st at the beautiful Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston MA.

Everyone was in a party mood from the moment they arrived.  I started photographing the people just enjoying the night and Everyone wanted a picture with Travis.  I kept going up to Travis after a few shots and saying “have you had enough?” … but he just said “let’s keep going”.  I think it must be tough to be that popular.

Then it was time to head into the main ballroom for some serious celebrating!
 But first Travis took a moment to thank his Foundation’s supporters for all of their help.  His mission and that of the Travis Roy Foundation is a personal crusade for Travis and he made it clear that what they have accomplished with their help has changed so many lives.

The band for the evening was MIdnight Goggles  and the crowd loved them. ( As you can plainly see from the images) .


Now I will typically take some photos of the food … but I have to say that I simply forgot.  You see, I was too busy enjoying the super – fabulous – incredible desserts !  That and trying to capture images of the crowd who were having a great time!


Britta & James { Engagement }

Britta and James Love Story had a “rocky start” – you see they are both attending a prestigious Dental school and their teacher made them sit together … in alphabetical order. Oh yea, really! And they really didn’t like each other at first. But as fate [and all great – epic Love stories go] they soon found that they had a lot in common and they fell in love! … I know – I sort of compacted the story! HA!

The day of their Engagement session we met in Boston with plans of walking over to Marlborough street to the exact spot where Jimmy proposed to Britta on the sidewalk, under the light of a lamp post which is right outside her apartment. 

The closer we got to Marlborough Street the more they talked about just how special this spot was to them.
We stayed there for a little while – taking a few photographs and talking about that night when Jimmy asked one of the most important questions of their lives … and how Britta said YES!
It was a perfect day