Boston First Communion Photography by Walpole First Communion Photographer, Dan Busler

First Communion Day is filled with kids … kids just being “kids” – laughing and dancing and fooling around. 
But the transformation we see as they enter the church into children experiencing a milestone in their lives is amazing.


Walpole Portrait Photography by Walpole Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler, Alaine Behler

Alaine recently returned to the states after finishing her Master degree in London. And it was time to get some updated portraits to match her epic rise in the corporate world … which will surely happen !

So we met at the studio on a cold … blustery, “normal”  New England February afternoon

We started outside by the beautiful pond and the wind blew and it made for some really nice images. 

 By this time in the session I could see that it was time to head inside !

 Here’s a behind the scenes look … with just a bit of grunge added for effect.


Boston Portrait Photography by Walpole Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler

Sometimes the moments of our lives happen and it’s all we can do to just “live in the moment”  
Our memories soon blur and begin to fade away. 

But a photograph waits patiently, it lets us catch up so that we might see all of life’s precious moments … the ones that we might otherwise have missed.

Providence RI Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Regency Plaza Apartments}

The Regency Plaza Apartments in Providence Rhode Island recently held their annual Holiday Party for the staff and guests. 

The food (which was almost all prepared in house) was fabulous, the entertainment was great, the atmosphere was lively and I was there to capture it all.



Boston Portrait Photography by Walpole Photographer, Dan Busler {Calendar}

I am writing this on New Year’s Eve 2012 -2013.

And I prepare to ring in the New Year I think about all the years gone by. I have been more than lucky to be sure.

Each year, I create a calendar with images from a few of the photo sessions I’ve done … more as a celebration of the moments I’ve been asked to capture. To say that I put my heart and soul into each session is such an understatement.

It’s always hard – but creating this year’s calendar was a labor of love but was also especially hard to pick which images to include of the hundreds and thousands and millions and … well not millions – but lots of images of the beautiful people and events I was honored to photograph. 

So next year, I‘ve decided that I want a billboard, placed prominently  on a major road so that I can celebrate a 1000 images on my calendar! 

My thanks go out to all of you for choosing me to photograph you . You rock!

Now, about that billboard … any one got one that they aren’t using ??? HA!  

Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole MA Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler, Josef Hodgkins {Headshots}

Jo is an actor with a medical background … which makes him the perfect person for those TV shows and movies where the actors need to say those long diagnostic terms. And he’ll actually know what they mean !

Like “Gastroesophagealduodenoscopy” … which Jo mentioned he can pronounce … and I do not want to know what it means … or is for that matter … HA!



Boston Wedding Photography by Walpole Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler – The Promise – Renewed {Wedding}

The Wedding day is a blur of emotions – love and laughter, friends and relatives. I know that is why having a photographer capture the day is so important.

But what about years later when you’ve had children, your lives are filled with soccer practice and “never enough time ” – do you still remember your wedding day?

Recently Rich and Kerri celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary – {and this was after a ten year courtship} by renewing their wedding vows.  

We met on a secluded beach … well, a secluded beach that was also popular with about a hundred other families .. HA! 

They invited both sets of Parents to join them and their two children in this wonderful day. Rich’s Father is a Justice of the Peace, so he officiated – which was just perfect.

But even though this was a “Wedding celebration” it was totally focused on family. It was as if their marriage was really just the first page of a life together and that their Parents and children were a part of. 

During the ceremony their Parents were close to them and their children “cuddled in” and it was just beautiful. 

Please don’t let the “day after day” steal it all – look in your heart for sleeping there – you’ll find your love – so young and fair.

Lauren – 2013 Senior – Norwood High School

At my pre-session meeting with Lauren she told me that she liked country music, jeans and sparkles. 


I was intrigued,  she liked country music … HA!  – no that she mentioned that she liked sparkles. I knew that we had to include some kind of sparkles … either thrown up, sprinkled down, dancing in or … something.

The day of the session Lauren brought two kinds of sparkles – bright chrome, kind of large ( about the size and weight of a pea) and small snow flake sized sparkles. 

The first part of the session was great – we shot outside and in-studio and got some great poses.

Then it was “sparkle time” –  Lauren’s Sister was in the studio so I asked her to get up on a ladder and “rain” the sparkles down on her Sister. 


It was so much fun and Lauren had to take all the abuse of so many takes.  Thanks Lauren – the looks on your face were priceless!

Jared – 2013 Senior – Walpole High School

Jared will be a senior at Walpole High School in Walpole MA fall and after years of playing football – Jared will be the school’s quarterback.  


So I thought for sure that football defined who he was.  I suggested that we do the shot – with his gear, holding a football with that “I’m gonna kick your a**” look in his eyes.

But I was actually pleasantly surprised when he told me that football is his passion … well one of them, but that it did not define his life.

Jared will be going to nursing school after he graduates. He knows that there is a need for him to help others. He has his eye on traveling to third world countries and using his medical skills to save lives.

Jared is a leader both on and off the football field. 

And as for that “I’m gonna kick your a**” pose?  Well you know I’m going to get that shot, even if Jared isn’t in his gear!

Danielle Wood – 2013 Senior {Senior Portrait}

Danielle’s ( Dani) senior session was shot entirely in her backyard. When her Mom (Wanda – one of my favorite ladies) asked me to do it at their house – all I could think of was “OK, we’ll shoot by the bush and then by the tree and … then were done … HA!”

When I got to the house we took a walk around the back yard and I was wrong, there were lots of places to shoot and I was a happy camper.

And Dani had picked out some nice clothes to wear, and the fact that we were at her house made it so easy to make some quick changes.

The pink jeans and high heels were a great idea – and one that I had to capitalize on!  Because sometimes it really is all about the shoes!

But the real story about this day is focused on family and the way the Wood family care about each other. The way that they are so comfortable with each other and themselves.