Bethany Merlin – 2013 Senior Medfield High School

I’ve been looking forward to posting some of the images from Bethany’s session since we shot them. 


We got such a mix of looks and the time flew by.  Which keeps the energy level high and the smiles fresh. 

 I do love it when I can grab a pair of sunglasses out and the image just pops!  I think that blue is Bethany’s color.

 She really is a classic.

Pre-Prom in the Park – Whitman-Hanson Regional High {Event}

Just by chance and my wicked good fortune I was invited by my good buddy Mark to photograph his Daughter and her date in the park near their home as she and her friends gathered for the Junior prom this year.

There were lots of kids there when I arrived. The late afternoon sun was low in the sky but still very bright, so it was a bit difficult to find some shade.  

So, we shot with tons … and tons of hair light! Halos? 


In the end what I captured were images of a great group of kids who truly enjoy each other’s company.


What else could I have asked for?


The Knot – The Wedding Channel – Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

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