Austin! Not hard to take

I was recently working in Austin TX and snapped this image of one of the swimming pools where I was staying.  Now this is how you “do it right! ” .
But saddly, I never had the time to take a dip.
Maybe next time … It’s Destination Wedding Season ! 

The Knot – The Wedding Channel – Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Congratulations ! You’re Engaged and You’re Getting Married!  That’s Fantastic!

And when you think of the best Wedding publication and WEB site … you think of The Knot and the Wedding Channel .

And so now – I am there too!  Please click on this link to see my listing.

“The Time is Perfect … You’re so in Love … so excited  … so absolutely ready to be married …  I’ll take the time to focus on you and create images of your love and your Wedding Day that will last for generations”

Sk8rGurl Gets a Ring

Sk8rGurl … my fav Sk8rGurl just got a ring

It’s a small ring, as you can see, but a ring all the same
I’m in this business for a reason, it’s simple and nobel. Hey! it is nobel.
Sometimes you capture the image and do the best job that you can so that it will be forever, to share and enjoy … and sometimes, so that we can look back and say “Did I really do that?”
Yes, Sk8rGurl, you really did that.