Erin Parquette – 2019 Senior at Walpole High

Erin is a bright and talented 2019 senior at Walpole High who has a passion for contemporary dance. As you can see, she totally killed it at her session.




I’m so happy that she and her family chose me to photograph her Senior Portraits

See more from her session here LINK to MORE From Erin’s Session

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2020 Senior High Portraits – Find the Warrior Inside You

For your Senior Portraits why not go for Timeless … and Confident … and Freaking WOW!

Because you deserve memorable images of this milestone in your life that will be cherished for generations.

So, Are you ready? Because we can’t wait to meet you!
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He has photographed performances by The Boston Opera Collaborative, Longy School of Music, The Extended Play Sessions and The Boston Camerata, and events for Liberty Mutual Insurance, Franciscan Children’s and Travis Roy Foundation.

His work has been published in the Improper Bostonian, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Classical Review, ArtsImpulse, The Boston Musical Intelligencer. Classical Scene and New York Times.

Elizabeth’s Senior Session and her Smiling Eyes

Every person I photograph has a defining look and it’s typically centered on their eyes.

It’s true what Shakespeare once wrote “Your eyes are the window to your soul ”

Now this doesn’t mean that wide eyes or small eyes or blue eyes (or what ever) really show much of anything about someone. It is what we see when we look into one’s eyes .

Happy, smiling eyes. Amazed, surprised eyes. Sad, quiet eyes. Caring, nurturing eyes. These are the emotions we see, we feel and experience when we look into someones eyes .

A photograph captures a moment and holds it there for us to see and enjoy, now and for generations to come. So it’s important that we choose the image to print which  conveys that emotion that was felt when it was taken.

Elizabeth is a 2017 senior. Her eyes smiled in every image I took during her senior portrait session. I’m looking forward to seeing the prints from the day and hearing how they brighten the mood in the room where they are hung.



Walpole High School Senior Photography by Walpole Senior Photographer, Dan Busler – Ally Russo 2013 Senior

Ally is a defenseman on her high school ice hockey team and runs cross country.

The Dress Rehearsal – West Side Story – Norwood High School {Performance}

Norwood High School in Norwood MA is presenting West Side Story as their Fall production for 2012.
This is kind of a daring proposition seeing that the show is so often produced. But what I seen so far is that the production is going to be great.
I’ve been photographing the Fall show in Norwood for over 10 years – typically I photograph a rehearsal in July – when the show is still very rough, then in August and you see a big difference and finally the dress rehearsal in September a week before opening night.
 The auditions for the Fall productions are held in May – even before the last school year has ended. Then beginning immediately after school breaks for the summer the students begin rehearsals. They rehearse all summer – fitting in their family vacations – working their summer jobs – but rehearsing almost every weekday as they are able.
The dedication of the student actors, set designers, costumers and directors is evident in the fine productions produced each year. Productions that are not to be missed.

 Here’s a look at the dress rehearsal – from cast warm ups to the dancing, costumes and timeless love story.

Senior Sessions – A Milestone {Senior Portrait}

There are songs and stories and sonnets about why we do things in life – what drives us. 

To be candid, compliments are rarely the reason. I think that teachers will tell you that seeing a former student become successful is a huge reward and it validates the passion they have for teaching.

For me – photography is my passion. I know that I shoot more looks than the seniors expect because I want to capture who they are and what they will become. – Confident, strong, flirty and funny. 

Senior sessions capture a milestone in one’s life. Too often Parents and their Seniors see it as just another portrait session – when in reality it is a celebration of the journeys they have been on and the one they are still living. 

In the blink of an eye, these Seniors will have children of their own and their lives will be dedicated to guiding their journeys. They will look back at this time – [senior year, dating, school work, school activities, graduation, leaving for college, etc] – and try to remember. 

It’s a blur for them right now and the images from their senior session look just like “pictures” that were taken on that day – but one day, when things slow down a bit …. maybe they’ll be on the train, commuting to work or watching their child sleep in their crib and the images will be like gold.

Danielle Wood – 2013 Senior {Senior Portrait}

Danielle’s ( Dani) senior session was shot entirely in her backyard. When her Mom (Wanda – one of my favorite ladies) asked me to do it at their house – all I could think of was “OK, we’ll shoot by the bush and then by the tree and … then were done … HA!”

When I got to the house we took a walk around the back yard and I was wrong, there were lots of places to shoot and I was a happy camper.

And Dani had picked out some nice clothes to wear, and the fact that we were at her house made it so easy to make some quick changes.

The pink jeans and high heels were a great idea – and one that I had to capitalize on!  Because sometimes it really is all about the shoes!

But the real story about this day is focused on family and the way the Wood family care about each other. The way that they are so comfortable with each other and themselves. 

Cam 2013 Senior – Medfield High School

Cam is the “Man with a Horn”. Music is a big part of his high school life, but it doesn’t define him.

I was looking forward to this session for a number of reasons. Of course because Cam would be bringing his trumpet and I knew that we could work that into some interesting images but also because we be doing some family portraits before his session.


The day of the session it was raining, but I knew that Cam’s Sister would be leaving to go back to college the next day, so we were going to do this session! 

This meant that we’d be doing the “umbrella dance” for all of the location shots (“OK, hold the umbrellas over you until I’m ready … OK drop them! … snap!” ) … and even with my best intentions there are still a ton of shots with nice big water marks.  Photoshop … on deck.

Cam has the best sense of humor, he was laughing most of the time, so I had to work hard for the serious poses. But when they worked, they really worked and we had an awesome session.


Tom and Chris Little – 2013 Seniors – Norwood High School {Portraits}

I could have titled this one “Twins”. But I think “best friends” might be also accurate.  Tom and Chris have known each other from before they were born . [yes, a bad attempt at humor]

I photograph the theatrical productions at their school so over the past few years I’ve noticed them in the productions … first in the back and then slowly moving into parts that  had more and more lines.

I’ve photographer twins before but let me tell you,  that stuff you hear about a secret language between twins … and telepathy is all true! HA!

During the session I’d be photographing one I could swear that they were communicating.  And both guys have such great senses of humor.  It was so much fun to do this session.

Of course the back-to-back with sunglasses shot was my idea, but the sunglasses that they picked – and these were some of the most outrageous ones that I have – made the shot!

I’m doing a session with triplets soon.  I can’t wait.  But what will the “power of three” be like?? HA!

Becky – 2013 Senior / Sun Worshipper – Walpole High School {Portrait}

Becky is a card carrying “sun worshiper”. So when she came in for her Senior portrait session recently she had the darkest tan that I have ever seen on a client  … ever. HA!

I’ve been photographing Becky and her family for a number of years and I love the whole bunch. But I think that they like to give me a challenge. 

The one thing that I knew was that Becky would give me the “solid-look-straight-into-the lens” pose that I like to capture. This was going to be an awesome session. 

I have to wait a few years for Becky’s younger Sister to come in for her Senior portrait. But I’ll make sure to send her some SPF 100 just to be sure … HA!