Seniors Rock! and We Love Them

Shooting senior high portraits is totally a labor of love for me. This is such an incredible time in the life of both the senior and their families.

Think about it … for the senior it’s a mix of terror – anticipation – happiness – fear – fear …

And for the parents … happiness – pride – sadness – sadness … fear … fear

I know I repeat my self .. HA!

For me – it is a time to capture this awesome time in their lives when they are teenagers on the verge of being adults. There is so much magic in their eyes and I just love it.

So it was St Partick’s Day … the whole day

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day. I wonder how many of you went to church?  Or did you “worship” at the alter of the flowing green beer…?  HA!

I spent the day living my other life as a musician … what a marathon!  Now it’s back to being a photographer. Until next year … GREEN BEER … holy moley! That’s almost as good as the green pancakes I used to make as a kid … I had to close my eyes to eat them!

A Walpole Winter – Busler

I don’t actually like snow that much … I used to LOVE snow, but that was before life made me see it as evil .. HA!
You have to shovel it. 
It can cave in your roof,
Cause auto accidents
Make you late for work
You have to shovel it .. sorry, I already said that , but sometimes you have to shovel a few times …
Snow used to be so beautiful. It was
A Day off from school!
We’re going to go sleding!
Snowball fight!
and it was so quiet and white and soft and beautiful and calming  and slow and incredible
It still all the good things – it still is all good things
Snowball Fight!

Caitlin and Joe – Tie the Knot – Take the Plunge – Make it Real – Busler

I’ve known Caitin for a few years and when she asked me to photograph her wedding – I was thrilled.
She is such a classy person, I knew that Joe would be too and I was right.
 The value of marriage hasn’t changed. It’s an expression of commitment. Not only to each other, but to your friends and family. Think about it, here you have two people that get engaged … then go through months or years of preparation for their Wedding Day and they still go through with it! All that stress – all those questions and suggestions and stress. 
But when you know it’s right, when you know that this person is right, that you will support each other and comfort each other – that you will be the ” strong one” – non-judgemental,
It’s actually an amazing day, but it’s not a magical day, the magic was there all along, this is the day of celebration.

I was recently told that I am a couple’s “Photographer for life”. Until today I didn’t realize what that meant – It’s not a job, it’s a responsibility – an honor and a mission to be there to capture their life.
Pretty neat!

The Knot – The Wedding Channel – Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Congratulations ! You’re Engaged and You’re Getting Married!  That’s Fantastic!

And when you think of the best Wedding publication and WEB site … you think of The Knot and the Wedding Channel .

And so now – I am there too!  Please click on this link to see my listing.

“The Time is Perfect … You’re so in Love … so excited  … so absolutely ready to be married …  I’ll take the time to focus on you and create images of your love and your Wedding Day that will last for generations”

West Side Club – Living the Green

I played a gig in Cleveland not too long ago and brought my camera. I usually don’t becasue, well, I’m busy here .. playing music.

This night the West Side Club was celebrating their heritage and the “People of the Year”.

It is quite the event, but in my opinion the event was secondary to the people and their love of life.
They had a marching band … (Yes, it came marching through the hall) and a kind of beauty queen and lots of honor.

I can tell you, these people are happy. Simple happiness.
Look at that smile …

Yes, honor, pride, love, caring, non-judgement … well maybe they do judge ..
It was a cool night, and I have to slow down and enjoy life.

A Mother’s love is a blessing, one that even a soldier holds so dear.

Event Photographer – Busler – Norwood MA

Shooting a corporate event can be a big crap shoot; what kind of lighting will I have to work with? What do they expect ? … will the people want to be photographed? Will they smile?

Well I just treat everyone like a rock star … and that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and that works!

I recently shot a corporate meeting of a vendor and their customers. Lots of people talking to each other, speakers at the podium, executives … customers … sales people etc.

As you can see from the images and video/slideshow, the lighting was ALL OVER THE PLACE ! So I’m dealing high ceilings, people that won’t look at me or look annoyed that I am taking their picture … HA! But that’s my job … I am an event photographer.

Well, at least that day I was.

Click on this link to see a video of the day
HOW 2010 – Dell Services