Walpole MA Landscape Photography by Walpole Landscape Photographer, Dan Busler

I do live in New England where we get snow. This year we got our share. 
This storm felt as if it would be an especially deep, quiet, gloomy storm, so I headed out to get a few photographs while I could.
I got as far as the end of the road – as took a few shots of the neighbor’s house.

New Years Eve Snow Storm

When it snows, you just have to take some pictures, I think it’s a law or something.

Across the street is a road that leads up to a housing development, I’ve never been up the road, I think they shoot you if you are a trespasser. But there is a bench near the main road where the kids wait for the school bus, it’s got padding, nice.

So there I was walking through the neighbor’s yard once again, looking for some classic snow images

I think I got next year’s Christmas card image, so it was a successful trek.

A note to Self

I know we wait

we watch and wait

see the snow fall and gardens grow

and time pass

and then one day, we realize that the wait was too long. That what we expected to come never did. And we can’t take it all back and try again.

You know, “This time I won’t wait, I’ll take adavantage of everything and enjoy life”

Great, glad you shared.

Confucius said ” There is great chaos under heaven … and the situation is excellent”

Yes, it’s wicked excellent