The Smiths – A Session for their Parents {Portraits}

It’s pretty cool when I’m asked by the kids to do a session so that they can have a special portrait of themselves to give to their parents for a special occasion. 

I think that the kids know that their parents may be a bit sad as they see them each graduate from high school, then college, get married and start their own families.

What better gift than to stop time, for that brief moment and capture them all at this stage in their lives.  

I was so honored recently to do this session with the Smiths. 

We met at the studio and did the session by the pond and near a few of the buildings. 

This is one handsome bunch! Here are a few that we photographed by the now famous “green door”

And a special thanks to them for letting me add my “I’ll kick your butt” attitude posing … HA!  You guys nailed it!

The Step Dancer’s Shoes

There are so many forms of dance. Some are free form and fluid and others more rigid.
Irish step dancing is all in the feet. It’s quick moving, and it can be loud and solid, and very very exact.
As a drummer, the step dancer is my friend. We understand each other, we know that the rhythms we produce are at the heart of all we do. It is an extension of our heart beat and soul.
So listen closely to the rhythm, applaud it when it’s loud and sharp and quick and lively and wonderful. Breathe in the rhythm and hold it tight.

Your heart will understand

Your soul will dance to the rhythm and then , you will smile.

The Fourth of July Hat – Norwood MA

I know it’s still a month away, but I’m the kind of person that can listen to a Christmas song in June … which I did last night by the way, so it’s time to get up and out your “Fourth of July Hats”.

What? You don’t have one? Show that Red White and Blue!

Like the other “one day holidays”, the Fourth of July seems to stop time and helps us remember what is most important in our lives.

One of my favorite parts of the day is the Children’s Parade in Norwood MA. The kids, or more likely, their parents dress the kids as little patriots and Presidents. Then literally hundreds of them come marching down the main street.

Everyone turns out to share in the event and to see those crazy Fourth of July hats. And I’m there capture it all. I can’t wait to share this years images with you!

Sk8rGurl and Northrup

The theater … ah the theater! Actors and the theater

I spend a fair amount of time capturing theatrical productions. Yes, that’s me – in the back of the hall with a long lens snapping hundreds of images. Beautiful costumes and lighting, striking poses and expressions make memorable images.

But the images that I capture after the production, when the actors have left the stage often produce some incredible candid shots. Because actors just keep on acting.

Recently I photographed a production by the Prospect Players, a community theater group in Norwood MA. After the show I was speaking with two of the actors, snapping a few more shots and they just couldn’t come out of character.

I think it was more an appreciation of each other’s talent. But for me, it was an opportunity to capture some magic.

Sk8rGurl Gets a Ring

Sk8rGurl … my fav Sk8rGurl just got a ring

It’s a small ring, as you can see, but a ring all the same
I’m in this business for a reason, it’s simple and nobel. Hey! it is nobel.
Sometimes you capture the image and do the best job that you can so that it will be forever, to share and enjoy … and sometimes, so that we can look back and say “Did I really do that?”
Yes, Sk8rGurl, you really did that.

Sk8rGurl at 21

This is Sk8rGurl, my fav girl, my Daughter
She is the model that never turns me down when I want to test out a new lens or lighting. She knows how important she is to me.
This past week-end she turned the big 21.
Over the years I never understood the things my Mother said about my successes, little as they were.
But I understand it now. I try not to mention every little thing Sk8rGurl does that makes me proud, even though I think I’ll bust if I don’t
Sk8rGurl at 21