Norwood Family Event Photography by Walpole Family Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Christine and Rich Yodsukar Weddings and Receptions}

Two weddings, a winery visit and three wedding receptions – that’s the way you do it when you’re my Daughter.

And that’s the way it should be. 

May 2013 we all headed out to Los Angeles . 

First there was the traditional Thai wedding at the Wat Thai temple in Los Angeles 

Then the reception with lots of traditional Thai food and lots of family 

The next day we headed to Malibu for a winery visit and some tasting at at Saddle Rock Ranch. What a nice relaxing day with family and friends 

The next day; Sunday we were off again to Malibu for my Daughter’s “western” ( no not country and western … HA!) wedding day. On top of a mountain … overlooking a winery. Yea, it was majestic to say the least!

Now fast forward to December … My Daughter … Christine and my Son-In-Law Rich, came home for a special reception at Sky Restaurant in Norwood MA. Finally the subject of this post .. you are thinking! And you’re right!

Family and family friends all came out for the east coast celebration of my Daughter’s wedding.

Letting go of my fav redhead is not easy .. but I’m working on it.

Two weddings, a winery visit and three wedding receptions.   That’s the way you do it !

Malibu / Los Angeles Wedding Photography By Walpole MA Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler {Rich & Christine Yodsukar}

Two Weddings and a Winery Visit – The Wedding of my Daughter

For those of you Dads out there who have a Daughter, maybe they are still young, maybe they are already grown, they often get married.   And I guess that for some of you, you’re prepared for that day … oh I don’t mean financially – I mean emotionally.

When I found out that my Daughter had her first serious boyfriend, my first thought was … “he wasn’t good enough” – actually – I thought “I’m losing her” !

But when I saw that she was happy, I was just a bit less sad. 

After college my Daughter moved to LA where she met her boyfriend, then Fiance … now husband. … you know, another guy who is not good enough for her ( HA!). 

I was never prepared for my Daughter’s wedding day (as a wedding photographer myself I tell my couples “you’ll never remember your wedding day … it will just be a blur” I’m sad to tell you – it really is) 

As you might guess – I was not supposed to bring my camera to my own Daughter’s wedding … HEY!  it’s attached to my hand … alright ?  HA!  

Since my Son-in-Law’s (I’m trying to get used to it all) family is from Thailand – they had planned two weddings. The first on Friday would be the traditional Thai tea ceremony and the second on Sunday would be the western wedding … in Malibu on top of a mountain overlooking a vineyard … It’s a California thing …  

Here’s just a glimpse at the images I got from the two weddings and a winery visit