Milton Players Present “Little Shop of Horrors” October/November 2019

It was a totally epic session when I got to photograph the cast headshots for The Milton Players production of “Little Shop of Horrors” which is being presented October 25 – November 3, 2019.

And it was quite impressive that all of them arrived at my studio together, now that’s some great stage management!


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Norwood Senior Portrait Photography by Norwood Senior High Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler, Eddie Hernon

Eddie is both a championship swimmer and a fine actor. So I guess he’ll be swimming his way to the stage … Wow that was really bad!   HA!  



Tony and Cleo – Medfield Gazebo Players – August 2012

“Of all the gin joints in all the world” … Tony had to walk into Cleo’s! 

Yes Anthony and Cleopatra … Greece and Rome came together in this romantic romp as told by the bard William Shakespeare and performed by the Medfield Gazebo Players. 


I was just there to see the show, but I knew that this performance was going to be interesting so I brought my camera.

This group does such a good job, the sound, costumes and performances were really nice.  I knew a number of the actors and I know how hard they worked on this performance.


The weather report was for rain – but not until later – so the performance was held outside.  


Well they almost got the whole thing in, but just before Cleo has her great dying scene the thunder sounded, the skies opened up and I made a beeline, with camera safely inside my shirt,  for the dryness of my car.

So I guess that I’ll never know if Cleo and this play have a tragic end.  … oh she does?  (HA!)

The B Girls – Spelling Bee – Walpole Footlighters – Busler

These headshots are of three of the cast members of the Walpole Footlighters – Walpole, MA production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
I really love doing headshots .. I must admit. I think it has to do with focusing on the actor’s eyes. 
 After all, there is so much life in a person’s eyes .. it could the saddness, or the laughter, the experience or maybe something else, but I do know that the eys don’t lie.

Terry Torres – Actor, Director

When I’m doing headshots for actors I have it kind of easy. Their training allows them to be so in touch with both their bodies and emotions that I just try to capture all the images they give me.

Katie Rocks!

I shoot a lot of high school productions. It gives me the chance to meet quite a few young actors. High School productions are a great outlet. Katie loves to be a part of the production. She’s always there and does her best to make the production rock. One minute she’s a wicked cool sax player, next she’s got a cigar hanging out with the guys and well, it’s always a surprise. But always she is Katie.

Katie does rock!