Annie ! Ursuline Academy – Dedham MA {Performance}

Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA presents – Annie ! Yes that mega musical that includes the popular “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow”. 


This talented group of actors hit the stage and totally delivered a great performance

Sunglasses – Gotta Stock up for Senior Season – Busler

Senior Season, that time of the year when this year’s Seniors in high school “have left the building” and the Juinors get a taste of what it means to be king of the school. A job they will take over permanently in the Fall.
This is also when I begin capturing those Senior portraits. This year I am locked and loaded with new backgrounds and new lights and my secret weapon … sunglasses.

Yep, I saw these beauties in red and blue and purple … I think and said ” hey, look, sunglasses … buy twelve pairs ” so I did.

You can never look bad in a great pair of shades … well I can, but you can’t.

Willy Wonka – Ursuline Academy – Busler in the Shadows

Last night I shot a performance of Willy Wonka that Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA produced. I am amazed at the quality of the shows, the girls do such a good job and they have a great time.

As usual, there I was “standing the shadows” shooting actors. Just wishing that they’d give me more light on the stage and hoping that the actors would stay in one place so that I could get the shot … but noooooo. HA!
” Come with me … and you’ll be … in a world of pure imagination” The world is a stage … and some days the play that we are in can be so challenging. Sometimes I think that it would be nice to be cast in Willy Wonka and relax a bit.

Here is a link to a video / slideshow of the images from last night.
Willy Wonka – Ursuline – Dedham – Busler

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA – Images from their 2010 Fashion Show – The girls invited the boys from area schools to escort them and the boys were happy to show up! Shot by Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

The Wiz of OZ – Shot just for you

You might think that it’s easy to put on a school play. A few rehearsals, some simple costumes and makeup … what else is there?

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot thousands of images and every time I am amazed at the dedication and talent these actors put into the production.

Ursuline Academy (an all girls school) in Dedham, MA recently put on the Wiz of OZ. Since it’s an all girls school, they have to “import” the boys for their plays. These lucky guys I should say. But this time it was all girls and one just one guy.

The video is a look at the production. I hope that you will enjoy it