Walpole Theatrical Photography By Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Laughter on the 23rd Floor}

For those of us who have wondered what it must be like in the “writers room” of a sitcom or SNL .. or, well the list goes on … 

The Walpole Footlighters gave us a little look when they presented Laughter on the 23rd Floor. And after seeing it I must say that it’s a lot more serious and crazy and funny that I had ever imagined !

These characters are real “characters” to be sure. Just take a look!

The cast …
and crew !

As the year comes to a close

As the year comes to a close – I remind myself that I didn’t choose to be a photographer (or a musician for that matter) – I was drawn to it. 

And you might feel the same about what you do in life. At least, I hope that you do.

Sometimes the moments of our lives rush by us so fast and it’s all that we can do to just “live in the moment” .  Our memories blur and soon, begin to fade away.  But a photograph waits patiently, it lets us catch up and see, hold, experience and enjoy all of those precious moments that we might otherwise have missed.

So take a photograph of all the moments in your life. The small events, the major events and even the sad ones. 

For years I was a bit embarrassed and hid the fact that I loved looking into my client’s eyes and seeing what I consider, the truth.

It wasn’t until I saw this quote from Annie Leibovitz that I realized that I wasn’t alone …  “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

So as this year comes to a close – I thank God for how lucky I am to be a photographer. 

Walpole MA Landscape Photography by Walpole Landscape Photographer, Dan Busler

I do live in New England where we get snow. This year we got our share. 
This storm felt as if it would be an especially deep, quiet, gloomy storm, so I headed out to get a few photographs while I could.
I got as far as the end of the road – as took a few shots of the neighbor’s house.

Boston Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler – 2013 Charity Beanpot Challenge

Each year former college ice hockey players and members of the corporate business community come together on the afternoon of Boston’s Beanpot Tournament at Boston University’s Agganis Arena to play some hockey at the Charity Beanpot Challenge The event has raised over $ 600,000 to benefit the Travis Roy Foundation and the Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation. Learn more here http://www.beanpotchallenge.org/


Walpole Portrait Photography by Walpole Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler, Alaine Behler

Alaine recently returned to the states after finishing her Master degree in London. And it was time to get some updated portraits to match her epic rise in the corporate world … which will surely happen !

So we met at the studio on a cold … blustery, “normal”  New England February afternoon

We started outside by the beautiful pond and the wind blew and it made for some really nice images. 

 By this time in the session I could see that it was time to head inside !

 Here’s a behind the scenes look … with just a bit of grunge added for effect.


Walpole Theatrical Photography by Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Laughter on the 23rd Floor, The Walpole Footlighters}

Laughter on the 23rd Floor is a play – no, a character study that was written by Neil Simon. 

It’s all about this crazy group of comedy show writers in the days when TV was the best show in town. 

I had the opportunity to photograph that cast and a performance by the Walpole Footlighters in Walpole MA. … It was a hoot!  and I never talk like that HA!

Norwood School Choral Photography by Walpole School Photographer, Dan Busler {Why We Sing}

The choral groups of the Norwood Public Schools came together on January 31. 2013 to present “Why We Sing” a concert of choral music which ranged from Zulu Wedding Song to Amor Vittorioso. 

A highlight of the evening came when everyone on stage and in the audience rose to give pianist Christy Saling an ovation



Boston Portrait Photography by Walpole Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler

Sometimes the moments of our lives happen and it’s all we can do to just “live in the moment”  
Our memories soon blur and begin to fade away. 

But a photograph waits patiently, it lets us catch up so that we might see all of life’s precious moments … the ones that we might otherwise have missed.

Westwood Bat Bar Mitzvah Photography by Walpole Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer, Dan Busler

I recently had the honor to photograph Shelly H’s Bat Mitzvah celebration .

I will not try to explain the importance of the Bat Mitzvah in a young girl’s life. I will leave that to those who have had their Bat Mitzvah

But I can tell you that the party which follows the holy ceremony rocks!

Tons of family and friends gather and have a great time. 


But when it’s also the girl’s birthday as this event was … well the party is extra special !

The master of ceremonies at the event is in control and must keep the party alive. This is like the ultimate example of pacing, with games and dances scheduled throughout the evening. 


Shelly’s Bat Mitzvah / Birthday was epic … to say the least.

Venue : Temple Beth David – Westwood MA
Caterer: bakers’best catering  Needham, MA  
DJ : Press Play Entertainment, Needham MA

Florist : Silver & Sage Flowers, Norwood MA
Candy Bar: Janet Cook  
Cake : DESSERT WORKS  Westwood MA
Photography : Dan Busler Photography