Is it Procrastination or Just Good Planning ? Dan Busler Photography – Video

I’ve been planning to write this post on procrastination for some time now, but I kept putting it off. But something always caught my attention on my way to write it and I just ended up doing that other thing instead. 

I was born in mid-March, smack dab between the Ides of March and St Patrick’s Day, so I am a Pisces. They (meaning Google) say that I’m a dreamer … (but I’m not the only one),  easily distracted, live in a fantasy land, I’m totally scattered,  and I won’t face reality. Many who know me are nodding “yes” as they read this. My family loves me for who I am .. well, I think that they do anyway. And my fellow  Pisces are agreeing .. “yea, that’s me”.

Does this make us procrastinators?   Well we certainly appear that way. Maybe we’re just good planners … always sitting and thinking ( aka “daydreaming”) .. looking at it from all angles, weighing the options, summing up our findings and preparing to move forward with the best course of action ….

OK, yea, we’re procrastinators.

So this brings me to the Procrastinator Fix … lists .  If I don’t have a list, nothing gets done.  And I don’t mean a “to do list” , that’s for normal people , this has got to be a running list of all the things that I see that need to be done.

Here’s how it works – each morning  you’d write down what you want to get done that  day, number them in order of importance and then you can get out of bed. ( this is the normal part .. like a normal person would do).  Then as the Pisces mind starts to run you see a million other things that you see that have to do right that second.

Well, unless it’s pick up a sock and put it in the hamper, put all these random tasks  you’ve just thought up on the list and start as you had planned on the most important task .. the one that you marked as number one .. before you got out of bed.  Sure you can re-number your tasks to include these new tasks, but don’t just do them as you think of them. … Because you might just be .. Procrastinating. Or attention .. challenged. It’s probably a little of both.

I plan on taking my own advice, one day, if I could only stop putting it off.

Dan Busler is a professional photographer specializing on portrait, performance and event photography and camera basics instructor with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. Examples of his work can be seen at


Dan Busler is a professional portrait, performance and event photographer with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. You can see more of his work at

Westwood High Senior Portrait Photography by Walpole MA Senior Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler {Gianna Bonanno}

Dan Busler Photography is located in Walpole Center MA. Being a working class town we have lots of great urban, industrial, nature and rustic locations to use for our portrait sessions.

Gianna totally showed up ready to have a great senior session. 

She had her personal make-up artist, her Mom and her best friend with her to insure that she looked great. 

What a party atmosphere … and what awesome images of this beautiful 2015 senior.

You can find more examples of our work at  Please give us a call at 781-352-4863 for more information. 

Norwood Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Dessert Works}

It’s time to feature another one of the great vendors I get to meet and work with … Dessert Works !  

Now I know that you’ve seen some pretty epic birthday cakes … there are even TV reality shows about them. Big drama, family fights, flour and dough flying through the air … huge ratings ! 

But I doubt that any of that drama exists at Dessert Works in Westwood MA, where they make some incredible cakes. 

I recently photographed a birthday party for Paul Ragusa. His wife Michelle came up with a design for his special cake which included his love for the saxophone and his passion for making very … very high end custom leather briefcases.  

She gave this design to Dessert Works and their Head of Rolled Chocolate Department, Kristyn Powell (who has a degree in both fashion design and pastry) 
and together they produced a freaking masterpiece!  

Here’s Kristyn with the cake.

Who would cut this ?  

Paul (you remember Paul ) did … Hey, it was his birthday and he’ll cut it if he wants to! 

The detail was incredible as you can see. Alas, all that’s left of this classic pastry are my images … you’re welcome … HA!  

Westwood Bar Mitzvah Photography by Walpole Bar Mitzvah Photographer, Dan Busler { Aidan’s Bar Mitzvah)

It was Aidan’s Bar Mitzvah day and the celebration began with the solemn service at Temple Beth David in Westwood MA. Family and friends from all over were in attendance to join Aidan as he made his Bar Mitzvah.

But then it was party time! All the guests and many more of Aidan’s school and family friends joined him for the reception and celebration at Raffaels in Walpole MA.

The first order of business was the cake and candle lighting – then the traditional “ride in the chair in the air” – and Aidan was up to all of his duties! 

The theme was basketball and Aidan was not a bit shy in getting all of his friends involved in the fun. 

  I have to admit – this was a great party! 

Westwood Bat Bar Mitzvah Photography by Walpole Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer, Dan Busler

I recently had the honor to photograph Shelly H’s Bat Mitzvah celebration .

I will not try to explain the importance of the Bat Mitzvah in a young girl’s life. I will leave that to those who have had their Bat Mitzvah

But I can tell you that the party which follows the holy ceremony rocks!

Tons of family and friends gather and have a great time. 


But when it’s also the girl’s birthday as this event was … well the party is extra special !

The master of ceremonies at the event is in control and must keep the party alive. This is like the ultimate example of pacing, with games and dances scheduled throughout the evening. 


Shelly’s Bat Mitzvah / Birthday was epic … to say the least.

Venue : Temple Beth David – Westwood MA
Caterer: bakers’best catering  Needham, MA  
DJ : Press Play Entertainment, Needham MA

Florist : Silver & Sage Flowers, Norwood MA
Candy Bar: Janet Cook  
Cake : DESSERT WORKS  Westwood MA
Photography : Dan Busler Photography