Choosing The Right Headshot for the Part

Leanne just landed a role in a new play and so she needed some new headshots for the lobby gallery at the theater.

Lobby gallery headshots aren’t “character” images such as those that might be used in promotion of the show, they are personality images that reflect the tone of the play. A comedic part in a play might call for a different headshot than a melodramatic/dark part. We still want to prepare the audience with a headshot that reflects a tone of the production they are about to see.

A big “cheesy grin” headshot for the actor who is portraying Javert in Les Misérables is a contradiction and will totally confuse the audience as they wait to enter the theater for an epic, depressing production.


Now back to Leanne, as you can see, she has tons of personality in her headshots. And with just a small change in her hairstyle and a bit of tilt of her head she has a completely different look. Both are welcoming, feminine and friendly … it’s a comedy! Nailed it!


What a pleasure it was for me to work with Leanne to create some great images for her latest production.

And when she gets the call for Les Misérables, we’ll rock some darker looks. I accept the challenge!

Girlfriends – Where are they now? – Dan Busler

A number of years ago I did a family reunion portrait session for three … or was it four families? 
Today I was looking through the images from the session and came across these of a Mother and her two Daughters.
I’m pretty sure that a lot has changed in their lives over the years since this session. Are the Daughters married, do they now have kids,  did one or both move far away from home ? 
The answer is … yes, maybe. But no matter how much time passes .. or how far they may travel, that day we captured a moment. That particular moment is saved for all three of them to remember and enjoy.  The laughter and love they felt that day is theirs … for a lifetime.
I loved doing this session and I’m reminded of how lucky I was to be there every time I stumble upon these images.

The Amherst Bluestockings

The girls from Amherst College aka The Bluestockings were one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s “A Cappella Night” about a week ago. It’s seems that I am always in the dark at these events … trying to get the shot, waiting for their nose to come out from behind the microphone … with just a second I try to capture a smile, etc.
Sometime I succeed.

The Amherst Bluestockings

A Cappella Night in Norwood MA – Busler

Norwood High School presents a night of aCappella – March 12, 2010. Featuring NHS AcaBella and NHS SoundFX groups. The night was a mixture of singing, fashion, and humor … but mostly singing … and shoes!

A Cappella Night in Norwood

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA – Images from their 2010 Fashion Show – The girls invited the boys from area schools to escort them and the boys were happy to show up! Shot by Dan Busler Photography – Walpole – Norwood MA

Ursuline Academy Fashion Show 2010

Welcome to the Red Carpet – Busler

I was recently asked to shoot a red carpet event for a house party. Now for this to work it would take a great hosts, killer clothes, willing guests and some pumping house music. And we had it all. Oh yea.

This was one of the coolest photography gigs I’ve ever been asked to do. Check out the video and you’ll be wicked jealous of all the fun we had!

Jill Mutascio – an Actress Ready for the next stage

We went all over town for Jill’s session, we even went to dumpster alley (made up name) behind the pizza place. It’s amazing how busy that alley can be. And then we left town to finish up. Cause that’s what it takes!