Erin Parquette – 2019 Senior at Walpole High

Erin is a bright and talented 2019 senior at Walpole High who has a passion for contemporary dance. As you can see, she totally killed it at her session.




I’m so happy that she and her family chose me to photograph her Senior Portraits

See more from her session here LINK to MORE From Erin’s Session

Dan Busler is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photographer with studios located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – Walpole MA. By the Artist, for the Artist. 781-352-4863


Sam is a 2020 Senior at Medfield High

Sam is a bright and talented 2020 senior at Medfield High who has a passion for sports. He spent his Summer lifeguarding and it appears from the look of his epic images, he just might have a career in modeling!

Thanks to Sam and his parents for choosing me to photograph his senior portraits.

Dan Busler is a full service Boston-based professional Portrait, Live Performance and Event photographer with studios located in the historic Hogie Bear Building – Walpole MA. By the Artist, for the Artist. 781-352-4863

2020 Senior High Portraits – Find the Warrior Inside You

For your Senior Portraits why not go for Timeless … and Confident … and Freaking WOW!

Because you deserve memorable images of this milestone in your life that will be cherished for generations.

So, Are you ready? Because we can’t wait to meet you!
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Dan Busler is the owner and principal photographer for Dan Busler Photography which specializes in portrait, live performance, event and commercial photography from their studios in East Walpole, MA and on location.

He has photographed performances by The Boston Opera Collaborative, Longy School of Music, The Extended Play Sessions and The Boston Camerata, and events for Liberty Mutual Insurance, Franciscan Children’s and Travis Roy Foundation.

His work has been published in the Improper Bostonian, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Classical Review, ArtsImpulse, The Boston Musical Intelligencer. Classical Scene and New York Times.

Elizabeth’s Senior Session and her Smiling Eyes

Every person I photograph has a defining look and it’s typically centered on their eyes.

It’s true what Shakespeare once wrote “Your eyes are the window to your soul ”

Now this doesn’t mean that wide eyes or small eyes or blue eyes (or what ever) really show much of anything about someone. It is what we see when we look into one’s eyes .

Happy, smiling eyes. Amazed, surprised eyes. Sad, quiet eyes. Caring, nurturing eyes. These are the emotions we see, we feel and experience when we look into someones eyes .

A photograph captures a moment and holds it there for us to see and enjoy, now and for generations to come. So it’s important that we choose the image to print which  conveys that emotion that was felt when it was taken.

Elizabeth is a 2017 senior. Her eyes smiled in every image I took during her senior portrait session. I’m looking forward to seeing the prints from the day and hearing how they brighten the mood in the room where they are hung.



The Senior Yearbook Portrait – So, Do you choose the School Photographer or a Professional ?

As a professional photographer the question I get every year is “Must I use the national chain photography company that our school has contracted with for my senior yearbook picture ?

Senior Portrait © dan busler photography

The answer is Yes in some cases and No in others.

Senior Portrait © dan busler photography

Yes – In the case of many private schools where they want a consistent uniform, pose, lighting, background and expression for the senior yearbook picture. Here they will mandate that the picture for the yearbook must be taken by a particular photographer.

Yes – in the case of many public schools where they have contracted an exclusive agreement with a national chain photography company. The chain offers the school many incentives (some may be financial ) in return for being guaranteed that they will photograph every senior and have the opportunity to offer them prints.

Yes and No – One well known national chain company recently sent a post card to the seniors in one town with the wording “Students must be photographed by {this photography company’s name}” and then at the bottom of the card they state “No Charge – Basic Session Fee refunded 100% when you return the proof set! “

So, yes and no in this case – Yes – it appears that you must pay to be photographed by the school photographer, but No – you don’t have to choose to use the picture that was taken by the chain photographer in the yearbook as your Senior yearbook picture and remember – they did state that you can get all your money back when you turn in the proof pictures. How long it takes to get the refund is unclear and I would think that it varies in each case.

When a Parent who was confused (and I was told by the Parent – a bit concerned ) by the wording on the postcard that they had received asked the Principal at this particular school if they could submit a senior yearbook picture which was taken by a professional photographer he responded  “ You may send in whatever picture you like, from whatever source you like, and we will include it in the yearbook”.

Senior Portrait © dan busler photography

So, no matter how your school handles the actual yearbook picture, you are free to use whom ever you want for your senior pictures. The keepsake pictures that you’ll share with family, relatives and friends to document this milestone in your life. Of course you may not see it as a “milestone” !

Senior Picture © dan busler photography

So, Professional photographer or the school’s chain photographer ?

Often it may come down to how much you want your individuality to shine. A professional photographer will typically have time allocated (usually 30 minutes to three hours) to focus all of their attention on you alone. Giving you lots of time to get comfortable in front of the camera, get used to the lighting, make clothing changes and photograph in multiple locations. Whereas the school photographer may have a line out the door, watching you and waiting for their turn in front of the camera.

Senior Portrait © dan busler photography

The Parents who have chosen to have their Child’s senior portraits done by me tell me that there are only a few milestones in their Child’s life – being born, bat/bar mitzvah or first communion and confirmation, high school graduation, college graduation, marriage … and then the cycle begins again with their children’s kids.

Senior Portrait © dan busler photography

Which option you choose for your senior portrait is personal preference, but just know that you’re covered no matter which option you may choose.

Senior Portrait © dan busler photography